Organic Chemist - How to become an Organic Chemist?


Organic chemistry is the subdivision of chemistry that deals with carbon and related chemical compounds. Organic chemists operate on a range of carbon compounds, which are present in all living organisms. The organic chemists conduct various tests and research on carbon compounds and give rise to new commercial products like medications, elastic, plastic and other substances.

Organic chemists have wide scope in India and abroad. They can seek out for jobs in public or private undertakings. They can find jobs in sectors like pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing, pesticides and so on. There could be job opportunities in research field too.

Qualifying Exam

The educational qualification required to become an organic chemist is a masters’ degree in organic chemistry. Various Universities and institutes conduct the programme. For getting admissions in the PG courses, aspirants are required to attend an entrance test prior to admission. Those who clear the test can do various internship programmes in organic chemistry along with the graduation and post graduation.

Who is eligible to apply?

Those who have done the bachelor’ degree in Chemistry can apply for the post graduation programme in organic chemistry. The admission procedures are carried on with reference to the qualifying exam marks and the score in the entrance test. Exact mode of admission could change depending on the institution.

How to prepare for exam and interview?

The students who are applying for the test should have thorough knowledge in the qualifying exam syllabus. Sound knowledge in different chemical compounds and reactions will be the key to clearing the exam and doing successful interview process. There are many exam special books published so as to help the candidates in preparing for the entrance tests. They can purchase related books from leading bookstores. Online websites also provide several questions on organic chemistry with solutions. Along with sharpening the knowledge in basics of organic chemistry, aspirants should also give equal weightage to time management factor so that they can complete tests in stipulated time.



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