Difference between Chemical Engineer and Chemist


Chemical Engineer is a person who possesses a degree in Bachelor of Technical Education (B.Tech) in Chemical Engineering. He involves in the production of chemicals and also other products that require chemical processing.

A Chemist usually works in chemical labs on various research projects in the chemical field and also on qualitative and quantitative analysis on various chemicals. He should have a Bachelor’s degree or an Associate degree in Chemistry.

As Chemistry is an emerging field of Science, both Chemical Engineers and Chemists are assured an amazing future ahead. They can create wonders in the field of Chemistry.

Chemical Engineer and Opportunities

The responsibilities of a Chemical Engineer include the following.

  • Researching on various chemicals
  • Designing of various chemical manufacturing equipments
  • Develop safety procedures
  • Preparing estimate of production costs
  • Perform tests throughout the process of production

There are various job opportunities for a Chemical Engineer not only in India but also abroad. They can go for higher studies in various specializations and can also pursue various certifications which improve their career scope.

Some of the employment areas of a Chemical engineer include the following.

  • Petroleum refining
  • Fertilizer technology
  • Prevention and control of environmental hazards
  • Processing of food and agricultural products
  • Mineral based industries

Chemist and Opportunities

The responsibilities of a Chemist include the following.

  • Preparing compounds, reagents and also solutions in labs
  • Compile the test results
  • Analyze organic and inorganic compounds
  • Identify molecular structures
  • Coordinate with Chemical Engineers on research
  • Writing technical papers

They have a great career ahead. They can go for various higher studies in the field or can undergo various short term and long term certifications which can contribute to their career growth. They have a lot of job opportunities in the Public and Private Sector. They have a great scope abroad as well.

Some of the areas where they can look for employment include the following.

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Research Institutes
  • Security Agencies

Key difference between Chemical Engineer and Chemist

A Chemical Engineer needs a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering degree whereas a Chemist needs a Bachelor’s degree or an Associate degree in Chemistry. The Chemical Engineer deals with the production of various chemicals whereas a Chemist deals with the analysis of various chemicals. A Chemical Engineer is well paid than a Chemist and his occupational status is also high as compared to a Chemist.



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