Deputy Director, President’s Secretariat



The President’s Secretariat is responsible for providning secretarial assistance to the Presdient of India in discharging his constitutional and other state responsibilities. The President of India is the Head of the State and exercises powers. President’s Secretariat is headed by the Secretary to the President. The different wings of the President’s Secretariat includes Secretariat, Household and Garden workcharged which performs the tasks of relating the administration and hospitality of State guests.

Job Profile:

Candidates can apply for the posts of Deputy Director in the Administration Section of President’s Secretariat.


Candidates should not be less than 40 years of age as on 1 April 2010.

Educational Qualification:

Candidates are required to have Master;s degree in Fine Arts or equivalent from any recognized institute or university with ten years experience in Fine Arts.

No. of posts: Several posts are available for the position of Deputy Director.

Pay Scale: Rs. 15600-39100 + Grade Pay of Rs. 6600.

Selection Process:

The eligible candidates will have to appear for an interview before the Interview Board..

How to apply: Candidates should send completely filled in application forms in the prescribed format at the address:

Deputy Secretary (Admn),
President’s Secretariat,
Rashtrapati Bhavan,
New Delhi-110004.

Contact Details:

President’s Secretariat,
Administration Section,
Rashtrapati Bhavan,
New Delhi-110004.



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2 Responses to “Deputy Director, President’s Secretariat”

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    SJ Guleria:


    I have question that whether I am independent or not;

    I am 31years old, we are only 3 members in our family; me, my wife & daughter. I am doing service in Gurgaon. Long period back I need to cal PCR as I was in the problem. After 2hrs police asked me to visit Police Station & instead of helping me Police did dictatorship with me. I was not feeling as citizen of independent country. I am Post-Graduate person, if it could happen with me in Capital then what could be the condition of an un-educated person of a rural area? I would like to explain as under;

    I had planned to join a health club, for this I visited two health clubs, enquired about number of clients & facilities to compare two health clubs but MD had misunderstanding, when I was leaving, he stood in front of my car and asked me where have you come from; I replied that I am doing service in Gurgaon. But he misbehaved and ejected key of my car. I requested that please return my key, don’t behave like this, I am related with press (I have done ‘PG Diploma in Printing Technology & Management’, done successful training with ‘Dainik Jagran’, I am still in touch with editor, got printed articles). But that person was not listening, so I called the PCR at 100. PCR was not able to find the location, took 1 hour and meanwhile a wise senior citizen asked us to shake hands and there was no any misunderstanding. So we informed the PCR that problem got solved & you need not to come. But PCR asked that you need to wait as somebody from police station will visit.
    Employees from police station visited after 2 hours. There was no issue but ASI told me to visit police station for documentation. He asked policeman (soldier) to visit police station in my car. Policeman didn’t weared the seat-belt, I requested to wear ’seat-belt’ but he denied to wear and replied with ego that he need not wear, he replied & realized as he is authorized to break the rule, I started recording in my mobile phone to make a proof for this. He came to know about recording, when I visited police station he informed to SHO about that recording, instead of guiding pliceman SHO deleted the recording. Words of policeman were; ‘Sahib Kaun Sa Case Banaye Is Par’, SHO replied him; ‘Je Teri Recording Kar Raha Tha, 420 Ka Case Daal De Is Par’. I requested SHO that my wife is coming back from her office, she need to feed our 7 months old daughter, please return my mobile and atleast let me inform her that I am not able to pick her. But he denied to return the mobile phones and switched off the mobile.
    Another policeman asked me to come out of SHO room and then slapped on my mouth for three times and spoke words as ‘Police Ki Recording Karega Tu’, he was in police dress, I respect the dress, I even didn’t spoke any word. Then someone in dress was smoking in the police station and thrown smoke on my mouth. A number of things happened with me which I can’t write.
    I don’t want to make complaint of perticular police station, I want to make complaint of this system which is managing ‘Police Services’.
    My wife was waiting for me, she need to feed our child, she fortunately called my father-in-law. My father-in-law picked her up, she was late by 2 hours, gave feed to 7 months old baby late by 2 hours, she was worrying about me. When somebody in police station switched on my mobile phone, my father-in-law called at my mobile phone and ASI didn’nt allowed me to receive the call, he informed my father-in-law that police have arrested him & come to the police station. My father-in-law came in the police station, made him understand & he allowed me to leave the police station.

    * Why police did dictatorship with me?
    * I have Driving-Licence, PAN card, Passport with me, for security why police didn’t asked to provide anyone of these documents, why police called my father-in-law?
    * Why Policeman slapped on my mouth?
    * Why Policeman on duty in dress was smoking in the police-station, why he thrown smoke on my mouth?
    * Why this department is not being managed properly?
    * Why public afraid from police instead of giving respect.

    I was feeling that I have to make complaint to police officer but later I thought that if S.H.O. of this police station can behave like a dictator then how a national leader of this police service can assist me. I had discussed about this with number of friends, we arranged a meeting for this, as responsible citizen of our country we want to get change this system, in other words you can assume that we want to take ownership to change this system. We had decided to get print news in News-Paper but one of the empoyee of press guided us that a number of news are being published daily, this will not change the system but employees of that perticular police station can become your enemy, so we dropped this plan of making any complaint but after this long period I realized that the things which happened with me, can happen with my children in future, we want to change this system.

    After doing a number of efforts for a long period we conclude that only ‘President of our country’ can get change this system. This problem is not of one person, this problem is of our nation. We can feel independent if police doesn’t do dictatorship.

    As a responsible citizen of our Country, I don’t want that this type of things which happened with me would happen with any other citizen. There are number of other things which happened with me & I didn’t written those & number of plans which we discussed in the group, so I want to meet you personally, so that I can let you know that what had happened with me so that you can get change the system.

    We want to meet the President, for security reasons I can’t give the phone number, you are requested to give an appointment by sending mail at ” ” from your official email id. I have already met the CM of Punjab personally, met the Governor in his office. We want to meet the president because this problem is national level problem and not a minor problem, so we have faith only on the head of the nation, because only the head of nation have power to change, so you are humbly requested to allow to meet. Please give an appointment, so that I can discuss on this issue and can share the views of a number of people. We have number of hopes from you, a few minutes from your valuable time can change the nation.

    Thanks a lot.

    SJ Guleria

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    Vinay kumar:

    From where to get application form for Deputy Director ,Rashtrapati Bhawan.

    Last date of submission of application form.