Senior Field Officer, Imagery Analyst, Cabinet Secretariat



The Cabinet Secretariat assists the Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister. The cabinet Secretariat is headed by the Cabinet Secretary. The Cabinet Secretariat is responsible for running the administration of the Government of India Rules, 1961 and the Government of India Rules 1961. In other words the Cabinet Secretariat is responsible for facilitating the smooth transaction of business in Ministries or Departments of the Government of India.

Job Profile:

1. Recruitment of Senior Field Officer:
Age Limit: The age limit set for the post is 35 years.
Pay Scale: Rs. 15600-39100 + Grade Pay of Rs.5400

2. Recruitment of Imagery Analyst:
Age Limit: The age limit set for the post is 35 years.
Pay Scale: Rs. 15600-39100 + Grade Pay of Rs.5400

3. Recruitment of Deputy Field Officer:
Age Limit: The age limit set for the post is 30 years.
Pay Scale: Rs. 13500-34800 + Grade Pay of Rs.4200

4. Recruitment of Senior Library and Information Assistant:
Age Limit: The age limit set for the post is 30 years.
Pay Scale: Rs. 13500-34800 + Grade Pay of Rs.4200

Posts Available: There are 25 posts available for the position of Deputy Field Officer and only 1 post is available for the position of Senior Library and Information Assistant. There is no such information available about the posts available for the position of Senior Field Officer and Imagery Analyst.

Selection Process:

The final selection for the above specified posts will be made on the basis of the performance of the candidates in the written examination and after that in the personal interview session.

How to apply: Application form in the prescribed format should be mailed in an envelope superscribed as “Application for the post of __________” to AD (Pers-A), Post Bag No. 3003, Lodhi Road Post Office, New Delhi - 110003.



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  1. 476

    @vicky, yes i hv given the ato exam but no clue abt rslt declaration, do u knw smthng abt tht

  2. 475
    L K:

    Anybody has idea about Assistant Technical Office exam result, exam held in july 2013?
    is this published or what people are still waiting ?

  3. 474
    L K:

    Anybody has idea about Assistant Technical Office exam result? is this published or what people are still waiting ?

  4. 473
    behan k laude vinod:

    Kya ye chutiyape ki Site khol rkhi h approve q nhi krta comment maa k Laude

  5. 472

    Can anybody tell me any information regarding cabinet secretariat assistant technical officer interview result which held between 9-11 december 2013????

  6. 471
    Amit yadav:

    Dear govind…

    I had given interview of SRO in 22/jan/2013….yet now no information…if there is any information pls provide

  7. 470


    Any one appeared in the Research Officer exam conduct on 15-Dec-2013. Can any tell, Hoe much time CB take to declare the result?

  8. 469

    @Monica this is just like mental torture .They used to take exams and after that they do not correspond about the result or even they do not inform about the joining or not joining after police verification. So sad!!

  9. 468

    @Monica I got the news that they had notify the successful candidates in interview on 28 feb 2012 for SRO. My police verification has already been done in may 2012 . But no joining letter or any correspondence from their sides.

  10. 467

    @Vicky: there is no website for checking the results.Those who are qualified will be intimated via post.Those who are not selected will not get any clue regarding declaration of results.

  11. 466

    anybody got assistant technical officer(cabinet secretariat) interview call ……….any website for checking written exam result?????

  12. 465

    @vijay. I am hoping for a score near 100. But now there is a little hope left

  13. 464

    @megha sab ka centre delhi hi tha…………… kitne marks ka attempt kiye ho………..

  14. 463

    any new about SRO joining for the interview in 28 feb 2012 whose ploice verification already done in hune 2012.

  15. 462

    @sruthi, how was ur exam ?where was ur centre ?

  16. 461

    @sruthi They would not publish result on`s ur paper.ANYONE GOT THE INTERVIEW CALL……..

  17. 460

    I had appeared for the direct recruitment to the post of assistant technical officer ARC cabinet secretariat on july 14th 2013. anybody has any news abt the result or in which website I could get any news abt the same?

  18. 459

    Any idea about SRO interview conducted at cab secretariat regrding various branches aeronautical engg, biotechnology, bioengineering, material science etc in jan 2013? have anybody received any correspondence ? more than 8 mnths hav passed either verification or posting job letter?

  19. 458

    anyone appeared for assistant technical officer exam held on 14 july 2013

  20. 457

    any news about the result of SRO joining of interviews held in 28 feb 2012. anybody got joining. i have heard that some list for successful candidate is displayed in Aviation research centre for that interview.

  21. 456
    geeta sardhana:

    i am appliying for direct recuitment to the post of Deputy field officer (G) in ARC ,cabinet seceretariat . i want complete deatail about it whats is this,i want complete syallbus whats the pattern of exam .how to attempt exam and how to do preparation for that exam .plz help me i am always thankful to u
    with regards

  22. 455

    any news about SRO joining (imagery analyst result 2013 feb)

  23. 454

    anynews about SRO(imagery analyst result 2013 feb)

  24. 453

    Any idea about sro cabinet secretariat interview conducted in jan 2013…?
    When will be result out? or they are already out?

  25. 452
    Amit kumar:

    Guys no results will come for SFO(TECH) and SRO…..
    So pls stop waiting and continue with your job hunting.
    This is for sure.

  26. 451
    Sameer (Mumbai):

    Even I had attended SFO(Tech) interview on 28-Feb-2012. I got verification call in Mumbai (hometown) and Bangalore (working town) in April and May 2012. Since then, no correspondence from Cabinet Secretariat. Ashish, please share your email so that we can update each other. I had read somewhere that candidates from Delhi and nearby areas get offer letter earlier compared to those from other parts of India. I think Cabinet Secretariat has been exempted from RTI so even that option is ruled out. There is absolutely no authentic and reliable way of tracking status of our application unless we get something from CabSec. Keep fingers crossed for this and continue your job search somewhere else.

  27. 450

    I think we should go for RTI even though they are not covered by it……….

  28. 449
    Sameer (Mumbai):

    Amit, you are right. Cabinet Secretariat has conducted interviews for SRO(IA) and SFO on 27th and 28th Feb 2012 and still no offer letter was issued. It will be better if we keep doing job search in some other Govt. or private companies.

  29. 448

    i have heard from somebody that they have called only 2 candidate for SFO(Tech) for joining. they use to select thrice the number of candidate provisionally & then call only limited candidate after verfication status & merit.
    i also attended SFO(T) interview on 28-feb-2012.
    I am not very sure of this info since it is from clerical staff .
    Go for RTI.

  30. 447

    This is really disgusting that cabinet secretariat has taken the interview and verification also done still they are clueless about the appointment letter….its almost 1 yr since the interview ……… long we can wait for it???????

  31. 446

    Hi friends,
    I have received a direct recruitment letter for the post of IA/SRO on the basis of IES-2011(written qualified) from cabinet secretariat . Can anyone kindly inform me about progress for this selection process.
    You can contact me at [email protected]

  32. 445

    hi friends
    if anyone of you have received the joining for SRO / SFO then please let us know. So that we will not wait.

  33. 444

    Hello Mr. Karan. Do you have received joining letter for SFO Jan 2013 or have any idea about joining.Pls share the information so that we all are updated and will not wait for joining.
    Also Mr RKB1988 we would like to know when is your interview?

  34. 443

    Hi ,
    Anyone got joining letter for SFO for Jan’13 ….please share ur e-mail ids ……

  35. 442

    Dear friends,
    I have received a direct recruitment letter for the post of IA-SRO in ARC (on the basis of IES 2011).Can anyone kindly inform me what all questions are put in the interviews? I have done my graduation in civil engineering.

  36. 441

    Dear friends,
    I have received a direct recruitment letter for the post of IA-SRO in ARC (on the basis of IES 2011 results). Can anyone please inform me what kind of questions are put in the interview? I have done my graduation in civil engineering.

  37. 440

    congrats to all selected….but do u ppl hav any idea abt SFO interveiw result which was held from 13 feb to 22 feb 2012 for IES-2010(written qualified) candidates.As some of you were interviewed on 27/28 feb ,and some have got IB verification too,but for IES-2010 candidates ,scene is not much clear,as what happened after that,as we constatnly discuss on orkut(through cabinet sectt-SFO) forum too.And is there any way to get the result,or is the result out for them too……….Thanx :)

  38. 439

    My verification was done in june 2012 but till now they did not inform me anything……if anybody had got offer letter pls inform so that we will no longer wait for it…….my id amit2503at yahoo dot in

  39. 438

    no sro and sfo are not same

  40. 437
    Sameer (Mumbai):

    Hello Guys. I appeared for SFO interview on 28 Feb 2012. I think SFO and SRO are different. In our previous interview in June 2011, SRO/IA (Senior Research Officer/Imagery Analyst) was held on 7th June and SFO on 8th June. I think this time SRO/IA interview was on 27 Feb and SFO on 28 Feb. (See post no.391 by Mayank who appeared for SRO/IA). I work in Bangalore and got verification call at Mumbai and Bangalore in May 2012. After that, God knows what…..!!!

  41. 436

    All those who have got verification done please share your phone number and email id so that we all are updated

  42. 435

    Interviews for SRO was held on 27 feb 2012 and for SFO interviews was on both days 27-28 feb 2012 .

    If anyone get the joining letter of SFO or SRO please let us know

  43. 434

    SFO and SRO(Imagery Analyst) are not same

  44. 433
    Amit Kumar:

    is SRO and SFO same guys ? As on 28 feb SFO interview was also there

  45. 432

    amit and amit 2503 is same but not amit kumar

  46. 431

    Is amit, amit2503 and amit kumar same?

  47. 430

    Anyone got appointment letter of SRO? My verification was over in the month of June 2012 but till now no further progress………

  48. 429

    Anyone got appointment letter of SRO? My verification was over in the month of June 2012 but till now no further progress………

  49. 428

    anyone got joining letter for sro post for which interview was conducted on 28th feb2012

  50. 427

    All my verification was done long back in the month of June but till now I hv not received any offer letter for the post of SRO if anyone have any information pls update…………

  51. 426
    alok kumar awasthi:

    sir, i want to join your family RAW but i have no option to filling your form…. so plz plz plz tell me “RAW K form (KOI BHE POST) kaise or kaha milega….” BECAUSE humko koi bhe batane wala nahi hai raw k baare me….. hum jo kuch bhe jante hai net se he jane hai…. isliye plz sir humko koi to option bataeye ke hum form pa sake or bhar sake…

  52. 425

    amit pl share when was ur interview

  53. 424

    amit pl share for which post u got interview letter and when was ur interview

  54. 423
    Rakesh Kumar:

    Amit for which post you are talking about …???

    please share ..

  55. 422
    Amit Kumar:

    Hi anyone got joining letter for June ‘12 :)

  56. 421
    Amit Kumar:

    Hi Ashish ,

    I think you attended interview on 28th Feb . You are Ashish Sharma right ? Computer engg ?

  57. 420

    hey what about you………all those who got verification call plz share their no or email id………so that we will be updated on date of joining and various other joining formality

  58. 419

    Bhai I am not from reserve category, Till now I got six verification…….. and I have not got any joining latter till now… I hope to get the same soon……just pray I get the same as early as possible………as i am really very eager to be among them who really sweat for country………

  59. 418

    anyone having any update about Sfo(tech) joining/ verifiaction.

  60. 417

    hey Mr. Please & Varun, please tell whether you people belong to reserve category or not? how many verifications u people have gone through?? whether u receive any letter regarding joining or anything else ….please share the information thanks in advance….

  61. 416

    Is verification process for SFO over ?? do anybody have idea about the number of candidates received verification??

  62. 415

    hey people plz share information regarding SFO..

  63. 414
    ashish kumar:

    do anybody else has got SFO verification ??

  64. 413

    did any one got joining latter for SFO Tech as till now I have no got the same

  65. 412

    thank You very much amit. however i must say i was luck. hey what about you………all those who got verification call plz share their no or email id………so that we will be updated on date of joining and various other joining formality

  66. 411

    i got verification at my home and at my college and at few of my close relative residence………plz some one share their email id or mobile no.

  67. 410

    Hey please congrats !! U belong to which place ? I mean where u got verification call . ANy other person gt call ??

  68. 409

    hey I too got verification call at my home address

  69. 408

    hey Varun when was u interviewed………I guess on 28 Feb as I was on 27 th Feb

  70. 407

    @Amit , Anant, ASHISH , Rakesh & Priya

    there was no practical test for SFO interview. Moreover they would ask question related to Current Affair… they would also like to have your opinion of recent issues(international & nation…..might some time be regional too. the board was really very cordial……. they would ask basic technical question.
    like difference bewteen Bluetooth, WIFI & Wmax,
    Different type of semiconductor….. Fermi level examples of degenated semiconductor.

  71. 406

    Hey varun, have u appeared for sfo interviews during feb 2012?

  72. 405

    Hi Varun,

    Congrats dude !! When did you attended the interview on 27th or 28th Feb ?

  73. 404


    I got verification done for SFO at home, has anyone got it till now?

  74. 403
    md khalid:

    Hi All,

    Is anyone aware of what kind of questions is being asked in Practical exam and Interview for Research Officer post.. I have cleared the written held on Aug 2011.
    my email id [email protected]


  75. 402

    I have cleared in research officer(tech) xam 2o11 in cabinet secrtriat.i want to know what would be asked in prac.test.subject is wil b beter to reply as early as i belong to bihar.n test held on 17 .o4.2o12

  76. 401
    Rakesh Kumar:

    i have also cleared writen exam for reserac officer 2011 and i want know about practical test and interview.

    Could anybody know the pattern ??

    Please share with us ..

    [email protected]

  77. 400
    Rakesh Kumar:

    Waiting for your replies..
    Amit , Anant, ASHISH, Lee at [email protected]
    about the date of your test and interview and other if any ..

  78. 399
    Rakesh Kumar:

    I also got call letter for practical and interview for Research Officer (Computer) .

    Could anybody please provide me the pattern of practical test ..??
    mail me at [email protected] if you want to share any information

  79. 398
    amit kumar:

    my emaail is [email protected]

  80. 397
    amit kumar:

    hi,plz share any information regarding practical test pattern and interview for the post of research officer (Information Technology) in cabinet secretariat.

  81. 396
    anant khandelwal:

    i have cleared writen exam for reserac officer 2011 and i want know about practical test and interview.

  82. 395

    HI ALL;


  83. 394

    It was for Research officer ( TECH ) …

  84. 393

    Hi All,

    Is anyone aware of what kind of questions is being asked in Practical exam and Interview for Research Officer post.. I have cleared the written held on Aug 2011.


  85. 392

    Sir, i have appeared for the interview for the post of JFA .. May i know when the result will be decleared…..

  86. 391

    Hi Suresh,

    I got a letter for appearing in SRI(IA) interview on 27.2.2012…..

    Has anyone else got interview letter for SRO(IA)

  87. 390
    Justin Dass:

    I send the appication for the post of dfo and secretary A.D. but till now I have not received any respnse from their end … and also don’t know the reason of delay.

    please assist me wih applying 1 more time for the post post of dfo or sfo in arc .

    Kind Regards


  88. 389

    if any body got interview letter of sfo(T) held on 27.02.2012, please inform

  89. 388

    apply RTI for your result

  90. 387

    hey would you please tell me that where your interview was held the exact building and when the exact date also pls show yours admit card for interview

  91. 386

    DFO (T) exam held in jan or feb 2011

  92. 385

    hi all,
    hope GOD knows wots going on????????
    no varification no result nothing

  93. 384

    Hello everyone,

    please share any information regarding Final result of SFO(T)…….for interview held on 6/7 june at delhi.

    Did any one of you Got verification call ………..

  94. 383
    amarendra srivastav:

    sir please tell me the date of exam deputy field officer.

  95. 382

    any website to see the result (dfo)

  96. 381

    is the joinning process completed for DFO(T), pl inform if any info???

  97. 380

    hi all and vinod cabinet secretariat has taken interview on oct last wk and nov first wk 2011 for d post of result out?

  98. 379

    Can anyone please tell about the job profile of senior field officer(tele)
    Thanks in advance

  99. 378

    Hi Any updates abt Research Officer (Tech) exam conducted in August 2011 ?

  100. 377

    hi all
    is there any medical for sfo(tech) post?
    what u mean by verification? police verification?
    wen will be the joining date

  101. 376

    i’ve cleared both pre n mains written exam feb’11, then intrview on 15 jul’11 ws a tough one, technical ques computer, electronics, physics.. wtever u answer they alwys hve nxt ques on it..!! GK current affairs national intrnational.. pakistan afghanistan china usa egypt, lybia, cbi fbi isi NATO, osama gilani gaddaffi headley.. wtever u can knw in ur whole life is less 4 them.. thn politics cabinet ministers cz tht ws time during cabinet reshuffle.. afterall xtreme hrdwork of 5 months kning all this.. i hve knw got 6 verifications done.. 6 th one today itself.. :) this ws second time i gt intrviewed.. thts y i gt an idia abt the intrview….!! this vinod ” agent vinod” :p is a fake guy..!! results were out in septmber itself..!!! best of luck..!!!

  102. 375
    chemical researcher:

    I am KALPESH R. GIRASE . i attended exam of the post of dupty field officer in the month of april.i have not any informatiopn about this exam result .pls tell to me

  103. 374

    I am Chandrika Prasad . i have Submit the post of dupty field officer in the month of april.i have not any informatiopn about this recruitment.pls tell to me all the process of recruitment and time of dfo examination.

  104. 373

    @ sanjay & abhi do you have any news “If any one who appeared for D.F.O(Tech) interview in july 2011 got any call/selection letter/verification. Please respond/update.we all are waiting for your response.please share if any have any news

  105. 372

    Hi , all D.F.O.(T) aspirants please update if any one received any selection letter or any verification. please respond

  106. 371
    biju kr kutum:

    sir plz any vacancy to inform me this email….. thnaks.

  107. 370
    sanchita chetia:

    has the result of SRO written exam held on 5 june, 2011 declared?

  108. 369
    Amit Kumar:

    @ Vinod
    Please respond we are waiting for your response !!
    Have you verified again from the deptt ?

  109. 368

    1. Dear Vinod I can produce substantial evidence to prove that interview for SFO(T) was conducted on 6/7 Jun’11 so there is no question of raising doubt over the declaration of main exam. result of SFO(T).
    2. You are referring Imagery Analyst and SRO as two different post, which is not correct, as SRO is simply the redesignation of Imagery Analyst.
    How many verification till now you have received ? Any news about selection letter?

  110. 367

    @ SUNDRAM:
    Did you appeared for the SRO/IA interview? I wonder if they had published/intimated about the mains exam itself. Pls share your views

  111. 366
    Amit Kumar:

    We hope you are saying right but i my self have spoken with one the candidate who appeared for DFO interview and he told me that he has got 2 verifications calls so far ….so i would like to request you to please confirm again from the deptt whether the results are really out or not…wat we believe is that results are out and people have started getting verifications calls…

  112. 365

    I dont understand why this department keeps such secrecy.even its own employee (vinod) is not aware that interviews have already been conducted 5 months before and final results are also announced. anywaz any idea about joining ?

  113. 364

    Dear Mr Vinod,

    Please stop misguding people on SRO and SFO results. The interview for SFO was held on 6th & 7th June 2011 and interview for SRO-IA was held on 6th June 2011. I appeared for the interview of SFO and met people appearing for SRO-IA interview. Mr Sanjay is absolutely correct. I have a copy of interview letter with me. If you have any doubts regarding that you can contact at my email id, [email protected]


  114. 363

    Dear vinod, is the result of main exam of SRO(IA) also awaited?

  115. 362

    dear vinod ,is the result of main exam of ERO(IA) also not out?

  116. 361

    Mr.Vinod, thanks for giving update. Actually, Sanjay has said he got verification call on 20th and 26th Sep 2011. This was for the post of SFO and not SRO or Imagery Analyst. Now, it would be grateful if you can once again confirm with Cab Sec office whether results for any of the posts for which interviews were held in June-July 2011 are declared- let it be DFO(Deputy Field Officer), SFO (Senior Field Officer), IA (Imagery Analyst) or SRO(Senior Research Officer)
    I hope Vinod you will do the needful.

  117. 360

    let me tell u onething that i am working in this department on assistant post. So i tell u the correct position that Cab Sec has not announced any result for these post.,,,,
    and @ Sanjay…
    when no result was announced how u got the interview call.. could u pls xplain me sir<<<

  118. 359

    so pls pls dont make a joke of this….

  119. 358

    no result has been announced by Cab Sec for the post of imagery analyst and SRO…it is the correct news what i got from the department itself…

  120. 357

    hey guys,,,
    i wanna share somethng wid u,
    i’ve been reading ur blogs for a long time but i got a doubt from ur blogs as u all are saying that cab sec has announced the result of imagery analyst and SRO. so let me tell u onething that i’m working in Cab sec on assistant post and i haven’t got any news related to results for these post in my office. So can u pls tell me that how u got these result or if u making joke of this recruitment pls stop it…..

  121. 356
    Abdul waseem:

    when do we get DFO 08-09 results…

  122. 355
    Amit Kumar:

    Hi Sanjay ,
    Can you please share your mail id or contact number so that i can have a word with you ..

    please repond !

  123. 354
    bhavesh waghmare:

    sir. I m doing m-pharm in quality assurance. So, what for what post can i apply in ur field?

  124. 353

    @Amit kumar
    Yes Amit I was appeared for SFO(T),the interview of which was held on 6/7 Jun’11.My dilemma is that my personal and home verification have been completed on 20th and 26th Sep’11 respectively, but have not received any selection letter or any confirmation about selection.Because of this I’m unable to decide whether I’ve been selected or not.
    So Amit if you have appeared for the same post and have received any verification plz. share.

  125. 352
    Amit kumar:

    Hi Sanjay ,

    You also appeared for SFO (T) interview ? on which date 6th or 7th june ?? You got any info ???
    please revert

  126. 351
    Amit Kumar:

    Hi all DFO aspirants !!

    Please update if anyone of you have any idea about final interview results…any letter or verification recieved ??
    please reply !!!!!!

  127. 350

    Anyone got final selection letter of SRO( IA) ?
    Please share …i also came to know that final results are out

  128. 349
    Amit Kumar:

    Hi Abhi,

    Please let us know how you received info about ur selection ..thru any letter of direct verification

  129. 348

    Congrates Abhi……for your selection.Can you tell me whether you have received the SELECTION LETTER or you are telling on the basis of your enquiry/verification? Kindly reply soon.

  130. 347

    Hey abhi, how did u came to know that u are passed in SFO? Did u receieved any letter? What about DFO(T) results?

  131. 346

    abhi congrats…..will u plz tell whether u get a letter or verification comes???
    plz tell we are very much confused.

  132. 345

    Hi Abhi ,

    Can you please let us know how come you got the results ? Any inquiry or selection letter you received ? please let us know

  133. 344

    got through in SFO …congrates to all who cleared

  134. 343
    dan singh:

    Dear Sir what is the result about the swa-jfa,

  135. 342

    Hi Sameer,

    Have you got any news about the final results in Mumbai ?
    There are guys on other blog dailylatestresults who are saying that results are out . Kindly confirm Sameer as we guys are in dilemma.

  136. 341

    whether we will get any letter mentioning that we have qualified or they will send the enquiry directly……senior please help

  137. 340

    Any updates on FINAL results of SFO / DFO guys?

  138. 339

    Hi Everyone ,

    I came to knw that all the Final results of SFO/DFO /IA are out from someone on dailylatestresults blog . Please do share if anyone has got Final Selection letter ….
    And if the results are still not out then please do share with us when it is expected to come….

  139. 338

    Anyone got final selection letter of SFO / DFO / IA ?
    Please share …i also came to know that final results are out

  140. 337

    on what basis you can say that results are declared…I don’t think so that results are out.

  141. 336

    sir i have appeared the interview for ARC Cab sec on jul 2011,no information and news after that,can you help me out if the result has declared or else?

  142. 335

    all the results have been declared even interview of SFO, DFO and IA
    however those who cleared get info directly

  143. 334

    Hi plz share info. about final result of d.f.o tech.
    If any info. plz inform here

  144. 333

    hi frens if anybody know the result of sro mains held on 20 feb then plz do inform me at 9910937613

  145. 332

    Did anyone got the interview call for SRO (IA) of the mains exams held on 20th Feb 2011? Or does anybody have the idea that interview for the same has been conducted so far? Please share the thoughts here

  146. 331


  147. 330

    any info regarding the result of interview of SFO held on 6/7 june 2011, if any one get plese inform me at 9015532636 or [email protected]

  148. 329

    all people of cabinet secretariet are very wierd .they have not declared the dfo exam date . inse ye kam to hota ni desh kya sambhalenge .declare the exam date otherwise we all unemployed will kill u.

  149. 328

    when will the dfo and assistant exam held

  150. 327

    any info regarding the result of interview of SFO? the people who are ging to attend the interview of DFO can please ask the authorities there regarding this as its not possible for us to contact anyone there.
    thanks & regards

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