Difference between Agricultural Inspector and Agricultural Technician


Both the Agricultural Inspector and Agricultural Technician are the professionals who carry out their works in agribusiness field. Even though the professionals deal in the same field, there are lots of differences between them. Agricultural inspectors are the professionals who ensure the health of public by inspecting the quality and safety of food and meat processing units. Agricultural technicians are also the professionals who help the agriculturists in all kinds of their work and collect the required information.

Agricultural Inspector Course and Career opportunities

Agricultural inspectors are the experts who ensure the health, quality and safety of the food products such as meat, egg products, vegetables, fruits and poultry. These professionals make sure that the agribusiness firms abide by the central and state laws and rules regarding the quality of foods. They also investigate food and meat processing units to make sure that the facilities meet the standards. Agricultural inspectors endeavor to protect the health and well being of the people by protecting them from food borne diseases. Most of these professionals work with the central or state government departments. They will have the in-depth knowledge about the various rules and standards of the field where they work.

They must conduct enough visits and thorough examinations of the food products and the environment of the business firms, in order to decide whether they are satisfying the prescribed quality and safety principles. Another primary responsibility of agricultural inspectors is to take care of the health and quality of farm animals. An individual can get into the lucrative career as Agricultural inspector after completing a formal education and relevant experience.

Agricultural Technician Course and Career opportunities

Agricultural technicians are those professionals found in almost all stages of operations of agribusiness industries. Most these professionals perform the job of agricultural scientists involved in plant and animal research. They also find employment in food processing industries and companies that produce, distribute and market the agricultural products. Some of them may also work in banks, large farms, insurance companies, lending firms, etc.

The technicians carry out work in the farms are usually called technical farm employees. In this area they mainly work for a farmer or farm manger. They are often in-charge of rising and harvesting crops and also protecting them from harmful diseases and pests. Most commonly they oversee the unskilled farmers who plow fields, harvest crops or fruits and operating agricultural equipments. The agricultural technicians also offer the technical assistance in animal breeding, nutrition and control of related diseases. Farm sale representatives are the agricultural technicians who sell the products and services.

Key differentiators between Agricultural Inspector and Agricultural Technician

  • Agricultural inspectors are those professionals who examine the food supplies and processing units in order to ensure the quality, health and safety of food whereas Agricultural technicians are the professionals who are needed in all phases of agribusiness industry.
  • Agricultural inspectors perform their duties and responsibilities by working with central and state government departments whereas Agricultural technicians can perform in diverse industries.

Although agricultural inspectors and Agricultural technicians work in the same field, their job nature and related issues are at pole apart.



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