Difference between Civil and Criminal Law


The division of law that deals with the dispute between people or firms is called as Civil law. The body of rules that control those individuals who threaten the safety or welfare of the society is called as Criminal law.  It is possible for students of both categories to find jobs with firms of both the private as well as the public sector. Those interested in teaching can also find jobs with law colleges.

Civil Law Course and Career Opportunities

The basic qualification needed for this is a pass in class 10+2.  They are then required to write the CLAT exam for gaining admission into the LLB course. Following this, the student go can go for LLM and choose a specialization in civil law. The remuneration of the candidate will depend upon his/her experience, the type of cases they handle and the client that hires them.

Criminal Law Course and Career Opportunities

A candidate who seeks to practice Criminal law must have a pass in the LLB. The Common Law Admission Test is carried out for the admittance of candidates into the LLB course.  After obtaining the graduate degree, the candidates can go for specialization in criminology. Those who are applying for this course must have good verbal as well as writing skills.  The emolument of the candidates will be decided on the bass of the case they handle and the type of the client.

Key differentiators between Civil and Criminal Law

Both Civil and Criminal law plays a major part in our lives. We cannot go forward with out lives without the one or the other. While civil law deals with the cases relating to theft, fight over property or accidents, criminal law is concerned with murder or other allied cases.  Defendants of cases pertaining to civil law are never imprisoned or executed. The only punishment they might receive will be to compensate the petitioner for those losses they might have caused. Defendants who are found guilty in murder cases will be condemned to execution or will be incarcerated in prison for life. Another difference between the two is, whilst Criminal law is implemented by the state, civil law will be implemented by private parties.



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