Planning Engineer - How to become a Planning Engineer?


Planning Engineers are professionals who are concerned with the planning and designing works of a given project so as to bring out the most effective and resourceful techniques of construction. Individuals have to study the Civil Engineering courses and should specialize in planning operations so as to work as Planning Engineers. They develop the most apposite method and plan a series of construction works for a specific project, in juxtaposition with the site manager.

Qualifying Exam

To become a Planning Engineer, candidates have to study the graduation course in Civil Engineering. They can as well pursue post graduation programs in the concerned fields taking specialization of their interest for career advancement. Diploma holders in Civil Engineering can expect entry-level jobs in the sector. With years of experience, they can grow to be a Planning Engineer. Aspirants ought to pursue the program from a recognized institution of higher education so as to get a good job. On completion of their course, they have to gain practical training under the supervision of a certified planning engineer. These professionals mostly work in construction companies, town planning departments, architectural firms, and so on. Most of the Planning Engineers carry out private practice, as it is highly remunerable.

Who is eligible to apply?

The pre-requisite criterion to study the bachelors’ program in Civil Engineering is a pass in the intermediate course by taking Science group with Mathematics. Civil Engineering graduates can pursue the post graduation course in the same field. They have to score high marks in the GATE exam for getting M Tech / M.E. admissions. Matriculates can pursue the diploma programs in Civil engineering.

Key Points in the process

  • Complete the matriculation course.
  • Study the Diploma program in Civil Engineering.
  • Or else pursue the 10+2 course in Science streams with Mathematics.
  • Pursue the graduation program in Civil Engineering.
  • Carry out M.E. or M Tech program in Civil Engineering for career advancement.
  • Search out for employments in public or private construction companies.

Skills and responsibilities of a Planning Engineer

In their daily affairs, Planning Engineers sketch out and supervise the entire course of construction works. They also have to produce network diagrams, graphs, presentations, and reports, which are required for construction. These professionals should also have good leadership and decision-making skills so as to carry out their work effectively and efficiently.



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    sajid hussain:

    do mechanical engineer become a planning engineer

  2. 3

    Which books i should refer for construction planning & improving my leadership in planning …?

  3. 2
    Mohamed Hassan Tawik:

    iam a metallurgical engineer worked as a production engineer ore than 2 years and as a planning engineer 1 year in the field of steel making.

    the qustion is how can i improve my planning teqniches and becoe a profisional planner and the useful websites which have more PDF files to read aout planning?

    and also the useful courses on planning and where and it`s price if only you have?

  4. 1

    Planning engineer? is it acourse study
    exactly what it refer for planning because
    alerady planning of building estimates structural
    things has been studiedin civbil engg. plese eloberate properly