Difference between Biotechnology and Bioengineering


The application of technology on living as well as nonliving organisms is known as Biotechnology. The developing, designing and transforming the technology that involves in biotechnology are called as Bioengineering. We can take a case in point. With the help of biotechnology we can create cells that will make hormones that will relive us of our stress, whilst Bioengineering will develop a system, that will manufacture those hormones much faster and in mass scale as to market that hormone as a product.

Biotechnology Course and Career Opportunities

Many courses are available in biotechnology for a person to choose from. The basic qualification that is needed for an individual to pursue a course in biotechnology is a pass in class 12. They will have to write an admission test if they wish to get admitted for any of these courses. Upon finishing their graduation, students can go for advanced studies in this field. Once they finish their education, the possibilities for them to get good jobs are quite high. A few of the firms that take in students of Biotechnology comprise of:

  • Bincon India Limited
  • Bivcol
  • Hindustan Antibiotics
  • Hindustan Lever Limited
  • IDPL
  • India Vaccines Corporation
  • Indo-American Hybrid seed
  • National Botanical Institute
  • National Chemical Laboratories
  • Tata Engineering Research Institute
  • Thapar Group

Bioengineering Course and Career Opportunities

Biomedical engineering has its own uses and has a unique place in our society today. Because of this, biomedical engineers are in huge demand nowadays. After clearing the required admission test, aspirants can pursue a course in biomedical engineering. With a graduate degree, it will be possible for them to go for higher studies or even research. Bioengineering comprises of

  • Bio-Instrumentation
  • Bio-Materials
  • Bio-Mechanics
  • Cellular and Tissue Engineering
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Medical Imaging
  • Orthopedic Surgery

Key differentiators between Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Biotechnology and Bioengineering have their important roles in today’s society. The key differentiators’ between these two branches are given below:

  • Whilst Biotechnology can be defined as the use of biological systems in the development of drugs or pertinent products, bioengineering is the use of the principles of engineering as well as its techniques to problems that arise in biology and medicine. We can take the design and manufacture of artificial limbs as well as organs as an example.
  • Also Biotechnology is the application of aspects of living organisms in the arenas of medicine, agriculture, technology and business, Biological engineering is the use of the methods as well as concepts of science and mathematics to resolve problems that arise in life sciences.

One other major difference between the two is that, while biotechnology is mainly concerned with the genetic mutation as well as genetic machination of gene cells, Bioengineering encompasses two chief ideas - (i) the use of engineering sciences to examine and study how animals as well as plants function (ii) the use of engineering technologies as to create and design new devices.



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