Difference between Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering


Even though Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering sounds similar, both are entirely different streams of study. Bioengineering deals with the integration of the concepts and techniques of physics, chemistry, and mathematics with engineering so as to solve tribulations in life sciences. On the other hand, Biomedical engineering integrates medical concepts with the engineering techniques so as to make advancements in healthcare diagnosis, monitoring and treatments.

Bioengineering courses and career opportunities

Bioengineering is a broad domain with so many branches. Some of the streams with in this space are Bioprocess Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Cellular Engineering. Aspirants can pursue any of these bioengineering streams. There are undergraduate, postgraduate courses in the relevant fields. Those who wish to become research analysts in bioengineering have to do the research programs in the concerned areas.

A graduation in bioengineering is a prerequisite for the entry-level jobs in the sector. On completion of the postgraduate courses, they can apply for top companies especially in research field. Bioengineers can seek for career in heath care, academic institutions and even in Government agencies.

Biomedical Engineering courses and opportunities

Most of these bio medical engineering professionals prefer higher studies in medical school and dental School after completion of their bachelor’s degree. Those who have done the post graduation or PhD programs in biomedical engineering have greater opportunities in research and development. These professionals, in their daily affairs are concerned with designing instruments like pacemakers, drug infusion pumps and computer software programs like computerized tomography for medical instrumentation. MRI scanning is another common area of interest in this field.

Aspirants who complete the diverse programs in Biomedical Engineering can seek out for employments in private or public sector. These professionals can search out for employments in medical institutes, drug-manufacturing companies, hospitals and so on.

Key differences between Bioengineering and biomedical engineering

  • Bioengineering is a vast field, in which biomedical engineering is a more specialized and niche area.
  • Bio-engineers use the principles of environmental science and engineering to construct utilizable, substantial products whereas biomedical engineers create medical equipments for medical treatments.

Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering have a great deal of importance in our living world. With the development in Science and Technology, various applications in the concerned fields are used to satisfy the medical and resource necessities of the community.



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