Difference between Brand Manager and Product Manager


As the name itself, there are lot of differences between the educational qualifications and duties of a Brand Manager and a Product Manager. Brand Managers are experts who make certain the quality and successful sponsorship of a certain set of manufactured goods. On the other hand, Product managers carry out the promotion activities of merchandise or services for effectual sales. The key differences between Brand Managers and Product Managers are elucidated in detail in this article.

Brand Manager’s duties

Brand managers are in charge for an array of duties as part of their profession. In their daily affairs, they evaluate sales statistics; prices fixed for a particular product, and also supervise advertising campaigns. They also implement marketing strategies and unswervingly keep in touch with retailers to convince them to use a typical brand. Brand Managers also comply with manufacturers, sales personnel, copywriters, and marketing and advertising directors to ensure that each and every facet of fabrication, supply, and marketing is in sync. These professionals can seek out for career in every large corporation that manufactures commercial or consumer products, industrial sector, service sector and so on.

Product Manager’s duties

Postgraduates in Business Administration can work as Product Managers. However, they should have specialized in Sales or Marketing in their Masters’ program. Product managers implement and carry out techniques and measures to increase the sale of a product. They also repackage or replant an existing product to increase the sale of the same. As part of their job, these professionals may also have to interact with other departments in their organization so as to provide assistance in promotional efforts. Product managers usually work for small scale or large-scale industries that publicly markets and sells services or goods.

Key differentiators between Brand Manager and Product Manager

  • Brand managers concentrate to maintain the quality of a product and also to create a brand name for a particular product in the market whereas Product managers focuses on increasing the sale of products by applying marketing tactics.
  • Product managers continue the work of a brand manager by helping the manufacturers in initiating steps that lead to the ultimate sale of manufactured goods.

Although the work profile of Brand managers and Product managers varies to a greater extent, they co-operatively work to satisfy the everyday needs of the ultimate consumers.



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