Difference between Corporate Marketing and Product Marketing


Corporate Marketing is the marketing strategy carried on for the marketing of a corporate body; say a business, company or an organization. The professionals dealing with corporate marketing have to create a positive impact on the particular organization’s name. However, product marketing works hand-in-hand with product management so as to promote a particular product. The product marketer acts as a mediator between the product and the customer. The major difference between the product marketer and corporate marketer is that one looks at all the outward-bound business issues relating to making available a product in the market and inward bound issues related to creating it. While the other deals with popularizing and standardizing the company’s name and thereby creating a brand name.

Corporate Marketing courses and career opportunities

Those who have done the master’s course in business administrations courses with specialization in corporate marketing are eligible to apply for the different jobs in public as well as private sector. Since so many companies are emerging in the market scenario, there is a competition prevailing in the market so as to know each organization by their name. It is the duty of these corporate marketers to draw the attention of the public on a particular company. Those who have completed the masters’ course in corporate marketing have good scope in India and abroad.

Product Marketing courses and career opportunities

There are many undergraduate, postgraduate and certificate courses in product marketing. Aspirants can choose any of these courses so as to get work as a product marketer. Those who wish to work in the top most positions being the same are required to do the post graduation courses in product marketing. On completion of their course, they can seek for profession in multi-national companies or in any other Government and private undertakings.

Key differentiators between Corporate Marketing and Product Marketing
Both corporate marketing and product marketing are concerned within a business. While the former is the marketing of an organization as a whole, the latter is the promotion activities carried on so as to move a product into customers hands efficiently.


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