Difference between Ceramic Engineering and Chemical Engineering


Both Ceramic engineering and Chemical engineering are divisions of engineering field that uses the engineering principles and technologies for various applications. Although they are in the same field and use the similar technologies, there are lots of dissimilarities between them. Ceramic engineering is the field which applies the technology for manufacturing products from inorganic materials. Chemical engineering applies the science and technology for creating useful products from raw materials or chemicals.

Ceramic Engineering

Ceramic engineering is that field of engineering that applies diverse methods of science and technology to produce objects from the inorganic and non-metallic substances. This process is carried out by action of heat or using precipitation reactions at lesser temperature. This includes the purification of raw substances, the study and manufacture of concerned chemical compositions, its formulation into various elements and finally study of the structure, formulation and their properties. The ceramic substances may exhibit the crystalline structure either partly or fully with a long chain of atomic scale. The specific characteristics of ceramic materials give rise to many applications of it in material engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and electrical engineering. The products thus obtained by using the technologies in ceramic engineering are widely used in diverse industries such as aerospace, refinery, mining, electronics, food and chemical industries, medicine, etc.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is also a field in engineering which integrates the applications of physical sciences and life sciences together with mathematics and economics. It is the process of converting raw materials or chemicals into more useful or precious products. Apart from manufacturing the useful or valuable products, the modern chemical engineering is also concerned with pioneering precious new substances and technologies such as nanotechnology, fuel cells and biomedical engineering. This field hugely involves the design development and maintenance of diverse processes which involves chemical or biological conversions for large-scale production. The professionals in this field, called chemical engineers, ensure whether all these processes are carried out carefully, sustainably and cost-effectively.

Key differentiators between Ceramic Engineering and Chemical Engineering

  • Ceramic engineering is that engineering field which uses the technologies and principles for converting the inorganic and non-metallic substances into useful products whereas chemical engineering field involves the use of science and technology for creating useful products from raw materials or chemicals.
  • The features of ceramic materials have give rise to wide application of it in chemical engineering and other fields whereas the chemical engineering is also concerned with nanotechnology, biomedical engineering and fuel cells.

Even though both ceramic engineering and chemical engineering applies several engineering technologies for creating useful and valuable products, the raw materials used and way of manufacturing are different in many ways.



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