Difference between Rubber Technologist and Ceramic Technologist


Ceramics are extensively used for making flower vases, pots, idols, kitchen ware and furniture. Also it is very essential for the development of materials having industrial value such as glass, insulators, enamels, porcelain and cement. Ceramic Technologists are responsible for checking the quality of the ceramics so that it can be used for the decorative as well as functional purposes. The field of Rubber Technologists is entirely different from the Ceramic Technologists. Their main job includes implementing innovative techniques to convert raw rubber into useful rubber products. Rubber products have got higher industrial value than ceramic products due to its significance in automobile industry. Due to that reason, the profession of Rubber Technologists is having higher scope than the Ceramic Technologist.

Ceramic Technologist and opportunities

Ceramic Technologists can find a long term career in various laboratories under Defense Research and Development Organization like Defense Metallurgical Research Laboratory. The organizations which promote scientific research on atomic energy like

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and Institute of Plasma Research offer several career opportunities for the Ceramic Technologists. India Space Research Organization (ISRO) recruits ceramic technologists for designing the protective tiles in space vehicles. Various Ceramic ware manufacturing units across the country hire the services of Ceramic Technologists for quality control. Ceramic Technologists can also work in the electronics and telecommunication industries.

Rubber Technologist and opportunities

Rubber Technologist can look for career opportunities in both rubber industry as well as automobile industry. Those who are interested in automobile industry can find employment in various tyre companies given below-

  • TVS Motors Limited
  • Apollo Tyre Limited
  • Ceat Tyres Limited
  • MRF Limited

Government firms like Gas Authority of India Limited offers many career opportunities for the Rubber Technologist. They can also work in the semi-conductor industry. Petrochemical industry is another employment area suitable for them. Petrochemical companies like Haldia Petrochemicals Limited hire the service of experienced Rubber Technologists.

Key difference between Rubber Technologist and Ceramic Technologist

  • Rubber Technologists are responsible for converting raw rubber into specified rubber products while Ceramic Technologists design and check the quality of ceramic products.
  • Rubber Technologists need a graduation degree in Rubber Technology where as a Bachelor’s degree in Ceramic Technology is needed for the Ceramic Technologists.

Ceramic Technology and Rubber Technology are two completely different areas. One of the main advantages of rubber technology is its application in the automobile industry. Due to that reason Rubber Technologists get an edge over Ceramic Technologists.



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