Difference between Ceramic Technology and Plastic Technology


Ceramic Technology identifies the attributes, the production, the design and the use of ceramic materials. The technology mainly deals with the design and creation of ceramic wares with ceramic materials. In the same sense, plastic technology deals with the manufacture design and application of plastic materials to develop useful products. Even though both the technologies deal with manufacture of diverse products, there exist certain dissimilarities between the two.

Ceramic Engineering/Technology Course and Career opportunities

Passed candidates in 10+2 examination are eligible to apply for the four-year course in Ceramic Engineering. In the XII class, the main stream of study must be Science with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as subjects included. Those who have completed B. Tech can go for further study programs like Master of Technology in Ceramic engineering. Research in the similar area is also possible for interested ones. These higher studies help aspirants to obtain a superb career in education sector.

Professionals with new innovative ideas can find better opportunities in research work. The scientific knowledge in ceramic technology can be applied in the production of new ceramic products. These professionals can work with the design of ceramic products or in the design of tools and machines used in ceramic technology. Ceramic engineers can also work with in their specialized areas such as glasswork, clay work, design electronics, and so on. The ceramic engineers can work with quality checking of finished products and also in marketing section of ceramic wares.

Plastic Engineering/Technology Course and Career opportunities

Those who are interested is application of plastic technology can go for B. Tech in Plastic Technology. Eligibility criterion is same as that mentioned for ceramic engineers. Higher studies options include master of technology and post diploma courses in plastic technology. After completion of M.Tech, aspirants can continue their studies with PhD programs in the same. Due to the increased use of plastics, the career opportunities in plastic technology have also raised much.

Plastic technicians can find job opportunities in both public and private sector. Industries dealing with production and distribution of plastic commodities are in great need of professionals in plastic technology. Some of the prominent employers of plastic technologist are

  • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
  • Oil India Limited
  • State Polymer corporations
  • Petro-chemical research laboratories
  • The Ministry of Petroleum and Chemicals etc

Key differentiators between Ceramic Technology and Plastic Technology

The major difference between Ceramic Technology and Plastic Technology exist in the material and the techniques used in the creation of final products. The area of operation and the nature of work also differ for professionals in both the sectors. Anyway, both these fields offer abundant job opportunities along with excellent pay packs to individuals.



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