Difference between Costume Designer and Fashion Designer


Clothing is the depiction of one’s own personality besides the basic necessity. The style of clothing should match the situation and place. Costume Designers are the professionals who design clothes and accessories for the character in a movie, drama or television programs. They will read the script and discuss about a particular scene with the director. Then, they will conceptualize the costume style required for that scene and work with the tailors to stitch the garments. They are responsible for handling the entire costume production for the project. The profession of Fashion Designer is slightly different from Costume Designer. They are mainly concerned about the quality and style of the fabrics used by the people. They designs clothes, accessories and jewelleries according to their own creativity and market their products. Fashion Designers do not have any time frame to complete their job like Costume Designers.

Costume Designer and opportunities

Costume Designers can find a lot of career opportunities in the entertainment industry. They can pursue their career in various movie and television productions. They can design costumes for stage shows. The demand for costume designers is increasing due to the charismatic development of entertainment industry. They can start their career as assistant and move up to higher positions with experience. An entry level costume designer can expect very less salary. But with experience they can enjoy lucrative salary and fame.

Fashion Designer and opportunities

Fashion Designers are mainly employed in  textile manufacturing industries. As they are responsible for introducing new styles to clothing, they can pursue their career in various fashion designing firms. Jewellery shops also hire the services of Fashion Designers to design ornaments according to the latest trends. Foot wear designing is another employment area suitable for Fashion Designers. They can work as Fashion Consultant in various reputed textile companies.

Key difference between Costume Designer and Fashion Designer

  • Costume Designers are responsible for designing costumes for a character while Fashion Designers designs clothes and accessories according to the taste of the customers
  • Costume Designers need to consult with the director to start their job of designing. But Fashion Designers can create their own designs and market it to customers.

The profession of Costume Designer is more challenging than Fashion Designer as there is limited creativeness as far as the fashion designing field is considered.



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    my painting is bad so, can i become fashion designer?

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    Ramesh kale:

    Which is the best field in fashion designing to earn biggest package?