Difference between Web Designer and Graphic Designer


Web Designer and Graphic Designer are related professions in software sector that deals with designing. Those who are responsible for the designing of web pages or its layout are referred to as Web Designer. They carry out the same with the help of certain software tools and application software programs. Graphic designers on the other hand are mainly involved in design of logos, posters, etc that are highlighted in the web pages. Both the professions require adequate creative skills and knowledge in design tools to do well in the job. Though such similarities exist between both the professionals, they do differ from each other in certain other aspects.

Web Designer and Opportunities

The candidate has to undergo web designing courses to excel in the role of web designer. Diploma as well as bachelor degree courses are offered through several educational institutions across the country. The course study helps the candidate to gain knowledge in the areas of JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash, XHTML, DHTML, and so on. Upon completion of the course study, one can find adequate career opportunities in software designing firms. One can find web designing jobs both in India as well as abroad.

Graphic Designer and Opportunities

Graphic designing involves the communication of different ideas and messages with the aid of design icons, paintings, etc. The candidate has to pass certificate or diploma courses in graphic designing to perform well in the post of graphic designer. These professionals can find job opportunities with advertising agencies, newspapers, and in graphic designing firms. They perform graphic designing according to the requirements mentioned by the client.

Key differences between Web Designer and Graphic Designer

  • Web Designer deals with the creative design of web pages where as Graphic Designer deals with design of logos, posters, icons, etc.
  • The educational requirements for the jobs and the software tools used for the purpose are also different.
  • Web Designer usually work with web site development where as Graphic Designer involve in diverse areas of design and painting.

Some times both the professionals work together for the accomplishment of specific projects. Both the professions help hardworking candidates to build a rewarding career in software sector.



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