What Makes Forensic Science so important?


Forensic Science is the study which involves the scientific principles applied for identifying a particular crime investigation. This science mainly involves the usage of the most modern technologies in order to investigate a crime. The various clues which are collected from the crime spot are converted in to important evidence which is produced in the court of Law at a later situation.

This area of study will be beneficial for those who love to accept challenges and have an interest in investigation field. The students who join this course enable them to convert their science based knowledge to investigating crime issues. Forensic Science is also used in civil cases in areas such as signature validity, the environmental rules, product liability etc.

Particular evidence which is found in by the experts is evaluated on all grounds while comparing with the evidence found against a suspect and a conclusion is arrived. The most important task lies where in they have to decide the facts on the basis of the evidences.

Opportunities in this field

There are ample opportunities which exist in this field. A high level of opportunity exists in the field of both the government as well as private sector. The most common form of employment in this area is forensic experts in different labs. After the successful completion of this course, opportunities exist in CBI, Intelligence bureau etc. The post of investigation officers in various crime detachment cells of central and state police force is also available. One can also practice in private agencies.

The people who are involved in forensic science can also get employed in enforcement agencies, police force and other legal departments too. Also one can get involved in academics field at various institutes where in forensic courses are offered.

Career Options

There are various options for forensic professionals. Many people involved in this area specialize in engineering, medicine, language, geology, insect study etc.  As already mentioned there are various specializations in the forensic study itself like forensic anthropology, forensic archeology, forensic serology, and this helps in providing a candidate with a job in these fields. This area involves career growth not only in India but also in foreign countries. Some of the job prospects abroad are

  • Crime laboratory analyst
  • Medical examiner
  • Crime scene examiner
  • Forensic engineer etc.

There are various institutes offering courses on Forensic science in India. There is Central Forensic Science Laboratory situated in Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chandigarh, University of  Luck now etc are some of the institutions which offer these courses.



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    Muhammad Safdar:

    I have passed my entrance examination in A grade and now I want to know , can I take admission in Forensic science.If I can , so tell me the prsseure , plz.

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    hari krishna:

    now im persuing msc forensics science so now i want to go for p.hd in forensic science so please tel me how go for it

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    pl. specify where i can pursue Bachelor in forensic science in pune & Pimpri chinchawad area?

    Job oppurtunities after bachelor degree?