Difference between Medical Writer and Medical Transcriptionist


Both Medical Writer and Medical Transcriptionist are lucrative career options in health care. Though both professionals work with in the same sector, they are dissimilar in certain aspects. The main role of medical writer is to communicate resourceful information on medical or health care topics in diverse formats. They make use of their scientific and research skills to develop reports or documents on medical information. Medical Transcriptionists are those who transforms voice coded medical information provided by doctors in to electronic medical reports. They help doctors to trace the detailed health history of the patient without any difficulty. Both professions require necessary knowledge in medical terminologies and should possess matching skill sets.

Medical Writer Courses and Job Opportunities

The preferable qualification required for the job of Medical Writer is a bachelor degree in any discipline of Life Science. They should also possess adequate skills in MS office and should have flair in technical writing. After completing formal education, aspirants interested in medical writing can find employment opportunities in communications agencies or in pharmaceutical companies. The research organizations are another potential area for these professionals.

Medical Transcriptionist Courses and Job Opportunities

The profession of medical transcription demands skill sets rather than formal education. Anyway, most of the firms prefer bachelor’s degree or pass in XII class as the minimum educational qualification. Additional skills such as Computer proficiency and keyboard kinetics are often preferred for these types of jobs. The major area of employment for these professionals is business-outsourcing firms. They offer a formal training on transcription process before they are made involved with the job.

Key differences between Medical Writer and Medical Transcriptionist

  • The job responsibilities associated with both the professions are much different. Medical Transcriptionist deals with conversion of audio files provided by health care professionals in to electronic medical reports where as Medical writers involve in conveying scientific information on medical topics in the form of reports or documents.
  • The skill sets required for these professions are different. Scientific and research skills are necessary for Medical Writer where as adequate computer skills and language proficiency are required for the job of Medical Transcriptionist.
  • Medical Transcriptionists are mostly employed by outsourcing firms in medical transcription where as Medical Writer can find employment opportunities with pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, and so on.

Both the professionals can get into senior job positions in this sector by gaining adequate experience and expertise. The professionals working in the area will have excellent career growth with good compensation packages.



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