Difference between a Data Entry job and Transcriptionist job


The job profile of individuals involved in data entry and transcription are much related. The work process of both the job includes feeding data in to the computer through keyboard. The main job responsibility assigned with data entry operator is to input the data given to them. The data given may be handwritten or it may be in the form of some reports or statistics, which is to be recorded for future reference. A transcriptionist on the other hand converts an audio file in to an electronic report. The transcriptionist usually seeks employment with legal or with medical sector. Both the professionals should be accurate in their work and should possess adequate keyboard skills.

Transcriptionist Courses and job Opportunities

The educational requirement necessary for the job profile of transcriptionist is mere graduation. The graduates in English literature are much preferred for the job as language proficiency is prerequisite for the job. The computer proficiency and typing skills are also required for the job profile of the same. The candidates who have completed 12th class with necessary skills can also apply for the job position of transcriptionist. These professionals can work with legal firms, outsourcing companies, hospitals and so on.

Data Entry Courses and Job Opportunities

The education requirement for the job profile of data entry operator is almost similar to that of the transcriptionist. Strong computer skills and accuracy in operations are much preferred for the job profile of data entry operators.  As data entry operations are indispensable in almost all sectors operating with computers, the professionals can find enormous job opportunities.

Key differences between Data Entry job and Transcriptionist job

  • Data entry job involves the conversion of written or printed text format into word document where as the job responsibility of transcriptionist is to transcribe audio files in to electronic reports.
  • The transcriptionist should be aware about the terminologies associated with the profession they are involved with where as no such specifications are required for the profession of data entry operator.
  • Data entry operators can find job opportunity in almost all sectors where as Transcriptionist usually get in to the job position of legal or medical transcriptionist.
  • The remuneration packages offered for transcriptionist are much higher than that offered for the job position of a data entry operator.

Aspirants who are ready to work hard and passionate in their work can easily climb the ladder of success. Experience in the sector will help both the professionals to excel in their career prospects.



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