Difference between medical transcription and medical coding


Medical transcribers transcribe medical reports written by doctors, psychologists and medical professionals. These are generally the doctor’s remarks, growth notes, etc.

The profession of Medical coding is providing codes to medical inpatient and outpatient dealings and billing services to the public and other private insurance companies. The role of medical professionals is very important to healthcare information fields. The same will not change in future also.

Medical transcription and Opportunities

Medical transcriptions plays a very important factor in healthcare industry. Medical transcribers need to have good knowledge in medical terminology ,anatomy and physiology. Medical transcribers’ profession is to translate medical records written by doctors, psychologists and other professionals related to medical field. Medical transcribers have good working information of computer systems, and have a good level of typing skill. Medical transcribers normally start by working in a healthcare setting, and after several years of work experience, they may work from house or establish their own transcription businesses.

Medical Coding and Opportunities

Medical Coding is providing codes to diagnose the procedures which help in financial settlement from insurance companies, government agencies, IT companies and consulting firms. Medical Coding is also known as insurance coding in health care industry. This industry produces medical coders who specialize in coding after a detailed training course and a certification process. Medical coders work in different places starting from Hospitals, clinics to dentists and should have information of medical terminology and physiology.

Key difference between Medical Transcription and Medical Coding

Medical transcription includes translating laboratory reports, medical notes or other medical data as written by medical personnel. Medical coding is translating prescriptions of diseases, injuries and other medical data into numeric or alphanumeric codes to accommodate the medical billing process. The Medical transcriptionist ensures the notes of the medical personnel are comprehensible while the coder ensures that the coding required for billing insurance organizations are entered correctly.



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    DIVYA. M:

    hi. i have done M.Sc Microbiology. is that helpfull for me doing medical transcription or medical coding. i will get the job in this field in bangalore. if means what i have to do for it.

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    Are there companies in Indian who train and recruit for medical coders, please provide list, if any?

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    can compair medical coding salary with any software field?
    can we get jobs in us or uk on medical coding?

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    Can i get a job in medical transcription? i am doing B.Sc 2nd year . I have completed my training in 6months of medical transcription.