Difference between MCSE and MCSA


Both MCSE and MCSA are two certification courses offered by Microsoft. MCSE or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer course educates students with necessary knowledge and skills in designing, and setting up of new networks. The same is designed according to the specifications of the client. MCSA or Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator course educates students with skills on maintenance of an existing network. The candidate has to take a total of 11 exams in order to obtain certification of both the courses. Though the courses offer certification in the area of computer networks, there exist certain differences between them.

MCSE and Job Opportunities

MCSE course is offered through several technical training institutions in the country. The course study helps one to get in to top most IT firms in good salary packages. The same helps one to perform well in the role of Network Engineer, System Engineer, Network Analyst, System Analyst, and so on.

MCSA and Job Opportunities

The course study enables one with necessary skills to manage an existing network infrastructure. After completion of the certification course, one can find enough opportunities in reputed IT firms. They can get in to the role of any of the following

  • Network Administrators
  • Network Engineers
  • Systems Administrators
  • IT Engineers
  • Information Systems Administrators
  • Network Operation Analysts
  • Network Technicians
  • Technical Support Specialists

Key differences between MCSE and MCSA

  • MCSE course help participants to get in to the role of systems engineer where as MCSA course imparts one with adequate skills to become a systems administrator
  • MCSA is a basic level certification when compared with MCSE.
  • MCSE course educates students with plan, design, and implementation of new networks where as MCSA professionals deal with the maintenance and repair of an already established network.
  • The course study of MCSA is much easier to pursue when compared to that of MCSE

The work experience required for both the certifications are different. The course study of MCSA demands at least 6 months of experience in system administration. On the other hand, MCSE course require a minimum of 1-year experience in system implementation and maintenance. MCSE professionals can get in to lucrative jobs when compared to MCSA.



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