Difference between PGDM and FPM


Although PGDM and FPM are management programs, both are entirely different. PGDM is Postgraduate Diploma in Management, which undergraduates can pursue. However, FPM is Fellowship Program in Management that can be pursued by postgraduates alone.

PGDM courses and career opportunities

There are various Universities and institutes worldwide that offer PGDM courses. Those who wish to work in the management level of multi-national companies can do the PGDM program. There are numerous vacancies arising day by day for these PGDM professionals in public and private sector. Those who have detailed technical knowledge and intellectual ability so as to cope up with the vibrations of the market scenario can expect excellent employments. Most of the professionals work as managers, CEO’s or as chairmen in companies. Their work profile is different in different sectors. Most of these professionals have to balance the needs of a range of stakeholders like customers, owners and society.

FPM courses and career opportunities

Those who are willing to do the research programs in management can prefer the course. Most of the professionals who complete the course conduct research in management subjects they are concerning with. They can do the research programs in the areas they are concerning with. Some of them do the same in medical sector, while other may be in marketing sector, engineering, in the market fluctuations like possibility of recession, inflation, deflation and so on. These research analysts have wide scope in India and abroad. These research scientists are one among the remarkably remunerated professionals.

Key differentiators between PGDM and FPM

Fellow program in management is a higher-grade program that Postgraduate diploma in management candidates can even pursue. The former is a postgraduate course while the latter is a research program. The course structure, mode of instruction and the syllabus will all be different for both these courses. The qualification criteria are also different for both these programs.



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