Difference between Dentist and Orthodontist


Both Dentist and Orthodontist are specialists in the area of teeth and oral protection.  They identify the problems associated with teeth and oral cavity and offers treatment on the same.  The difference exists mainly in educational qualification and in the area of specialization.

Dentist and Job Opportunities

The candidate must possess a BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) degree as the basic qualification to work as Dentist. Now days most of the firms prefer those with post graduate degree in dental education for the same. The qualification must be obtained from any of the recognized institutions that offer the BDS degree. Upon completion of the course, the aspirants can get in to the post of junior level dentist in any of the firms under public or private sector. By gaining adequate experience, one can start up with private practice or can work in the dental hospitals.

Orthodontist and Job Opportunities

Orthodontics is offered as post specialization in the area of dental education. Those who have completed the master’s degree in dental education are eligible to undergo the course. The duration of the course is two years. They specialize in treatment of problems associated with the areas of jaw, tooth alignment, cosmetic surgery etc. These professionals employ most modern techniques for the treatment of the same. The dentist who specializes in the area of Orthodontics is very small in number. As these professionals can render the services of a dentist and an Orthodontist, they can find adequate job opportunities in India as well as abroad.

Key differences between Dentist and Orthodontist

  • The educational qualification required to become a Dentist is graduation or post graduation in Dental Surgery. Orthodontist requires an additional two-year degree in Orthodontics to practice in that area.
  • Dentist can provide treatment on common problems associated with teeth and oval cavity where as Orthodontist offer treatment for misalignment of teeth, jaw problems, cosmetic issues etc along with other problems associated with teeth.

Though the profession of Dentist and Orthodontist are similar by certain aspects, there exist slight differences between them.



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