Difference between Plastic Surgeon and Oncologist Surgeon


Surgery is a kind of medical treatment, which involves investigating or treating a patients condition such as an injury or disease with the aid of different medical tools. Different types of specialties are available in surgery as in the case of medicine. Surgeons who carry out the surgery thus focus on different fields according to these specialties. Such difference can be seen in the case of Plastic Surgeon and Oncologist Surgeon. Plastic surgeon performs the surgery for restructuring body parts while Oncologist Surgeon treats for cancer by making use of their surgical skills.

Plastic Surgeon and its opportunities

Plastic Surgeons are a great relief for those patients who have some sort of deformity by birth or by accidents. Several sub specialties are there in Plastic Surgery, which are divided on the basis of nature of deformity in patients. Thus, the opportunities of Plastic Surgeons can extend up to various areas. Apart from hospitals, they can work in any health organizations, which need the service of a professional in restructuring the abnormalities of human body structure. As a professor, they can impart their knowledge to the aspiring medical students in surgery.

Oncologist Surgeon and its opportunities

Generally the cancer patients approach the Oncologist Surgeon for different types of treatment. As cancer can affect any body part, the Oncologist Surgeon performs different types of cancer related surgeries. Thus, Oncologist Surgeons can specialize on a particular cancer surgery so that their demand will increase in the medical field. Besides hospitals, health care organizations having cancer treatment facility offer lucrative opportunities for this type of surgeons. There are opportunities available for Cancer Oncologist surgeons to work in cancer research institutes for the research on surgical techniques. They can also render their service in various medical institutes as Professors.

Key difference between Plastic Surgeon and Oncologist Surgeon

  • Plastic Surgeons need M.Ch degree in Plastic Surgery to pursue their career while Oncologist Surgeons need M.Ch degree in Surgical Oncology.

Oncologist Surgeons handles more serious cases than Plastic Surgeons as they are specialized on treating a chronic disease. Doctors who prefer challenging profession can choose to be an Oncologist Surgeon rather than a Plastic Surgeon. In addition, the demand for Oncologist Surgeon in the society is a bit more than Plastic Surgeon.



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