Difference between Academic Writing jobs and Business writing jobs


Academic Writing and Business Writing are two different forms of writing. Those who are interested in writing can find a lot of job opportunities in both the profiles. The form of writing that focuses on solid facts is referred to as business writing. The same includes restating of some hard facts related to business. Since the form of writing presents concise and clear content, the same appears more straightforward and simple. In academic writing, the writer can include his own opinion regarding the particular topic. The user can expand the content according to his creativity and knowledge on the subject matter. Though both the jobs are similar to certain extent, they differ from each other in certain aspects.

Academic Writing and Opportunities

Writing jobs usually require skills and expertise in the area rather than higher educational qualifications. The candidate should possess adequate knowledge in their area of work and should be passionate in the same. Academic writing jobs allow one to express their views freely about a specific topic. The employee can work in flexible time schedule and earn better remuneration also.

Business Writing and Opportunities

Good technical writing skills are usually preferred for the job of Business writer. The candidate should possess the ability to express complex facts in simple and concise manner. They must be updated with latest changes and trends in business. Most of the firms prefer those with graduation in area of business for the position of the same.

Key differences between Academic Writing jobs and Business writing jobs

  • Business writing deals with the restating of hard facts whereas in academic writing the writer can express their views regarding the subject matter along with the solid content.
  • Business writing is much concise, clear, and straightforward when compared to academic writings. Academic writing is usually written in longer contents and will be rich in vocabulary.
  • Business writing jobs are much harder when compared to academic writing jobs. In the former, the writer has lesser contribution of his own where as in academic writing; the writer can have his or her own additions.

As fillers and vocabulary are less in business writing, the same appears less composite when compared to that of academic writing.



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