Difference between Automobile Engineer and Automobile Designer


Automobile Engineer and Automobile Designer are related job profiles in automobile sector. Automobile engineer applies engineering principles in overall design, maintenance, and operation of automobiles. They are responsible for the modification and maintenance of the equipments and engines that make up a vehicle. They often concentrate in the areas of design engineering, development engineering, and manufacturing engineering. Thus, it is clear that automobile designing acts as a sub area under automobile engineering.

These professionals often involve in the design of interior structures and external appearance of automobiles. The educational qualifications preferred for both the jobs are same. Bachelor’s degree in automobile engineering is enough to get in to the post of both the jobs. However, both the jobs seem much similar, there are slight differences between them.

Automobile Engineering and Opportunities

However, graduation in automobile engineering is considered as the necessary qualification for automobile engineers those with graduation in production or mechanical engineering, are also considered for the position of the same. After completion of the course, one can find enough opportunities in firms operating in automobile manufacturing. They can also work with suppliers, assembly specialist, automobile servicing firms etc.

Automobile Designing and Opportunities

Those who have qualified in automobile engineering have to hone their skills in structural design in order to get in to the profile of designer. They should be skillful in using software tools used for design purposes. These professionals can also find openings in similar employment areas as that of an automobile engineer. However, the nature of jobs assigned will be different from that of the former.

Key differences between Automobile Engineer and Automobile Designer

  • Those who are involved in the overall research, design and development of automobiles is referred to as Automobile Engineer where as those who concentrate solely in the design aspects of automobile is referred to as Automobile Designer
  • The job profile of Automobile Engineer is much general where as that of Automobile Designer is much specific.
  • Automobile Designer should possess adequate skills in employing software design tools where as such skills are not mandatory for the job profile of Automobile Engineer.

Anyway, both the profiles offer great career growth to hardworking candidates. Both the profiles require a lot of imagination and creativity in their work.



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