DOEACC B Level Course Management Fundamentals and Information Systems Papers


DOEACC (Department of electronics and accreditation of computer courses) is one of the leading institutes in India providing training in computers. This institute provides many courses in the information technology field. DOEACC provides 4 levels; O level, A level, B level and C level. DOEACC B level course is equivalent to MCA (Masters of Computer Application). DOEACC B level course makes an individual eligible for System Analyst, Database Administrators, Software Engineers, and Network System Administrator. The B level course gives an all round talent to an individual for analyzing, developing and managing a software project. The B level course is divided into 5 semesters and there is one compulsory project. One of the subjects of the B level 3rd semester DOEACC course is Management Fundamentals and Information Systems.

About the Paper

This paper mainly covers Information System concepts, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Customer Relationship management, the process of management and other related topics. This paper covers all the topics in depth. One must be very thorough with these topics. The Management Fundamentals and Information Systems paper is not modular. It does not have any distinct sections. One must have a clear knowledge about the previous years’ question paper so that selection of important topics can be easily done.

How much time is given in the exam?

The time duration for this paper is a maximum of three hours. Students must complete their paper in stipulated time.

Marks and Paper Pattern

A total of 5 questions are to be answered. Question 1 is compulsory and any rest four question are to be answered. The first question carries 28 marks and rest if the question carries 18 marks each. Sub question of a particular question must be answered together and in the same sequence.

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