DOEACC C Level Real Time Systems Papers


DOEACC is one of the pioneering Computer Training Organization and plays a significant role in the IT based education section in the nation. Out of all the subjects in DOEACC C level, Real Time Systems has got its own importance and even the questions asked at the exam time suggest the same as they are all framed in such a way so as to cover the entire syllabi. In short, you can’t afford to have selective study, but yes knowing the question paper patter would certainly help you in segregating which topic to prepare exhaustively and which modules or sections to prepare smartly.

How Many Sections Can You Expect In This Paper?

There are no divisions or section in the paper, and all of the main questions are aligned serially.

Paper Pattern And Number Of Questions Asked:

The paper carries a total of seven main questions, from which candidates have to attempt any five. However the first main question is compulsory to attempt, thus actually candidates have to attempt any four from the remaining six main questions. There are seven sub-parts of the first main question. However each of the remaining six main questions has either two or three sub-parts, thus sub-question distribution is different in each of the main question. All of the main questions of the sub-part nature are of short answer or long answer based questions and offers no internal options in the overall basis.

Division Of Marks

The total mark of the paper is one hundred marks. The First main question carries a maximum of twenty-eight marks, with each of the sub-question carrying two marks. The remaining six main questions carry a total of eighteen marks.

How Many Hours Would You Be Given to Complete The Paper?

The maximum time allotted for the paper is three hours.

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