Fee structure in National P.G. College


National P.G. College offers Bachelor’s programme and Master’s programme in different subjects. The fee structure depends on the specific course chosen by the student.

Courses offered

The faculty of Arts at National Post Graduate college offers Bachelor of Arts degree in streams like English literature, Geography, Economics, Anthropology, Education, Political Science, Hindi literature, Computer, Statistics, Psychology and Mathematics. Students have the flexibility of choosing a combination of three subjects among those listed above for their B.A Program. Education and Psychology cannot be taken together.

N.P.G College also offers postgraduate courses under its arts faculty. It offers Master of Science or Master of Arts in Anthropology. Two other Masters programmes offered are in Geography and Psychology. A Certificate Course in Forensic Science is also offered under the arts faculty.

B.Com and M.Com are the two degrees offered by the faculty of Commerce.

Faculty of Science offers a B.Sc degree with any three subjects including Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer-Science, Statistics, Electronics and Physics. It offers Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology, Chemistry, Anthropology and Botany.

The faculty of Computer Science offers a Bachelor of Computer Application programme. BA with Computer Application and B.Sc with Computer Science are the courses offered by Computer Science faculty.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Management Science are offered by the Management Science faculty.

BA and MA courses are offered by the Education department.

Fee structure

The fee for programmes under the faculty of Arts is around Rs 3000 per annum. Applicants who choose Computer Science as one of the optional subjects in the Bachelor of Arts programme are required to pay an additional annual fee of Rs 3000.

Rs 7000 is required to be paid along with the tuition fee as development fee and additional fee. The total fee for the BA course depends on the subjects chosen by the student.

For the B.Com programme under the faculty of Commerce, the fee per annum is Rs. 25,000. The tuition fee for M.Com is Rs 10,000 per semester.

For those students who opt for Physics and Chemistry with Mathematics or Statistics under the faculty of Science, the tuition fee of around is Rs 20,000 per annum. Those who opt for the combination of Mathematics and Computer Science with Electronics or Physics are required to pay an annual tuition fee of around Rs 18,000 per month.  Students who opt for Botany and Zoology with Anthropology or Chemistry are required to pay a fee of of around Rs 17,000 per annum.

For courses under the Management Science faculty the fee per semester is around Rs 40,000. BA courses under the faculty of Education have a course fee of around Rs 18,000 per annum. It includes the basic fee and teaching practice fee. For the Master’s programme, the fee per semester is around Rs 20,000.



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    What is the annual fees of national pg college lucknow of bcom…plz tell.