Fee structure of B.Sc in Bioinformatics


Bio informatics is one of the latest and recent branches in the education arena.  The branch basically deals with the study of various genetically database. The subject is basically a combination of biology and information technology. The information about biological components is arranged and viewed in a system that has relations with information technology. The database management system has practical applications in this subject. The subject is very much applied in research fields. The subject provides great contributions to the gene banks and thus helps one in having a proper access to the available component.

The Course B.Sc in Bio informatics has great applications in the field of research. By this, one can easily understand the job opportunities in this field. There are ample opportunities for these degree holders. Various industries dealing with biological components specially the genetic materials, require bio informatics, and thus recruit these degree holders with lucrative facilities. The great prospects are the key factor that is attracting so many students towards this course. The wide popularity and huge demand is forcing the colleges to offer this course.

At present, there are many colleges offering this course to the interested candidates. These colleges include some bog names as well. Few renowned institutes that offers this course are IIIT, Amity University, SD University, DY Patil University, and many more. The list includes government as well as private institutions.

The fee structure of this course is different in every college. The fee generally goes as high as 1, 50,000 per year, and is as low as 6000 per year. The fee of this course in SD University is 19000 per year. DY Patil University charge Rs 1, 50,000 per year for this course. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Information Technology and Biotechnology charges 1, 00,000 for this course. Amity University charges 58500 per year for the course of B.sc in Bioinformatics.



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    alka dadhwal:

    list of bst university for doing PHd. in bioinformatics………………is it benifical for someone fo doing PHd.bioinformatics……………………is NET/BINC are d same things ………………….plz answer me ………………i”ll be vry thankful to u………….

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    alka dadhwal:

    msc system biology and bioinformatics,feestructure in PU univs……,hostel………….plez send me details