Fond of working in Hotel Industry? - Scope and Career Opportunities


Hotels are among the most important and visible aspects of the development of infrastructural facilities of any country. This industry has earned a boost especially in India due to a number of aspects like speedy progress of other sectors and development of tourism. It is expected that great revolution will happen in the coming years due to the recent liberalization of trade. With the emergence of globalization, career opportunities in hotel industry are not only just restricted within the nation, but there are chains of hotels operating at international level with many branches all over the world thereby offering scope for rewarding career opportunities abroad.

With the development of this industry driven by business travel, domestic tourism and foreign tourism, the need for well-trained professionals has increased immensely for international level star hotels. As compared to any other profession, scope of jobs is wider in this field since it involves a mixture of different skills pertaining to accounting, marketing, sales, front office operation, housekeeping, food and beverage services and last but not the least, management. Nowadays, the increase in corporate activities and the wish to travel on holidays has made the industry competitive.

How to find job opportunities in growing hotel industry?

Hotel management courses can pave way for a bright career in this industry and for getting into these courses, candidates must have a minimum qualification of higher secondary (10+2 Std). This qualification can enable candidates to enter into certificate, diploma and UG courses in hotel management and candidates with graduation in hotel management and related disciplines can go for PG courses which in turn provide fruitful career in top rated hotels.

Different hotel management courses offered in India:

Hotel management courses are offered along with catering technology or tourism management, some of the courses that enable a candidate to kick start a career in hotel industry are given below:

Diploma in Hotel Management

Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

Diploma in Hotel Management

Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management

MBA with specialization in Hotel Management

Master of Science in Hotel Management

The hotel management institutes are governed by the National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology and for admission of students to these institutes, common examination called as Joint Entrance Examination is being conducted.

International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM):

International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) is a prominent institution for hotel management courses in India. This institute conducts its own entrance examination through online for admission of students called as International Institute of Hotel Management Combined Hospitality Aptitude Test (IIHM-CHAT) Exam and the exam is also called as e-Chat exam.

Reference books for hotel management entrance exams:

Candidates preparing for hotel management and catering technology entrance examination can take the help of the following books:

“Hotel Management catering Technology: Entrance Exam”, Guide by V. V. K. Subburaj

“Self Study Guide for Hotel Management & Hospitality Administration Entrances 2011” by Editorial Compilation

“Verbal Reasoning Book” by R S Agarwal

“10 Mock Tests for Hotel Management Entrances 2011” by Dharmendra Mittal

“Hotel Management Entrance Exam Guide” By Jawahar Book Centre

“Hotel Management Entrance Exam Guide” by Gladvin Rego

“Ramesh Hotel Management Entrance Exam Guide” by RPH Editorial Board

To sum up, hotel industry is developing and acquiring hotel management degrees from the best institutions can enable candidates to find the rewarding career opportunities in this industry.



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