Food Scientist - How to become a Food Scientist?


Food Science is the field related to the agriculture science and it integrates the areas like processing and handling of food products. It is a scientific method relating to the food from harvesting to consumption. A food scientist is a professional who analyses that the food products consumed by the people are safe and of good quality. They help in developing the new food processing methods.

A food scientist can find employment in places like food processing plants, laboratories and in colleges. Their working condition will vary depending on the nature of work. The food scientist engaged in research activities develop and find the new methods and source of food, alternative for harmful additives, analyze the food content to find the protein, fat, sugar and vitamin levels.

Qualifying Exam

Those who wish to become a professional in Food Science should have a minimum qualification of Bachelor’s degree in food technology. If the candidates are looking for jobs like teaching, research and higher designation positions they need to be a post graduate in related field.

Who is eligible to apply?

As said earlier, for a candidate to become a successful food scientist, first they should pursue a bachelor’s degree in food technology. This course is offered by various universities in India. The candidates who have completed their higher secondary education with PCMB from any reputed institutions can join this course. The admission to the colleges will be based on the entrance exam organized by the universities or the state government.

Key Points in the process

  • Pursue the 10+2 with PCMB from any reputed institutions under the State/ Central government with good academic scores.
  • Take part in the entrance exam carried out by the concerned university and pursue the Bachelor’s degree course in related field from any well known institutions.
  • Search for the jobs in related industries.
  • For high designation jobs and teaching profession, pursue a post graduation in food technology

Skills required for a Food Scientist

A candidate will automatically develop the skills during their course of study. The course includes various practical sessions that will make the student aware about the various skills required for this field. They should develop team working ability and communication skills by taking various experimental sessions. They should also have excellent analytical and problem solving ability and should have the skill to interpret the data critically.



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