Difference between M.Sc Food Science and M.Sc Food Technology


M.Sc Food Science and M.Sc Food Technology are postgraduate level academic courses related to food and nutrition. Food Science and Food technology can be considered as two sides of the same coin, by which one cannot stand with out depending on the other one. Technology is the application side of science, where the growth of later lead to the development of the former one.

M.Sc Food Science imparts students with deep knowledge on the scientific and technical aspects of food and nutrition. The M.Sc degree in Food Technology exposes students to diverse techniques and technologies used for food production, preservation, and processing. Even though the terms, Food Science and Food Technology are much related, one can find slight differences between both of them.

M.Sc Food Science and Opportunities

The students who have completed their Bachelor of Science degree from any of the recognized University are eligible for postgraduate programs in Food science. The graduation must be obtained in any of the areas of Physics, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology and Microbiology. Degree holders in related areas of food science are also eligible for the course. After completing the postgraduate degree, one can find opportunities with food servicing field, in health care, in research and development, in firms related to food safety and so on.

M.Sc Food Technology and Opportunities

Food Technology has developed with the advanced usage of science. M.Sc Food Technology educates students with new techniques and technologies in food processing, storage and preservation. The technologies are employed from the time of crop production until the point of consumption of the plant product. Sterilization, Pasteurization, freezing and dehydration are the few methods used for the preservation and storage of food materials. The candidates who complete the course can find opportunities in areas similar to food science but in the application side.

Key difference between M.Sc Food Science and M.Sc Food Technology

  • M.Sc Food Science educates students with the behavior of different components in food items whereas M.Sc Food Technology educates them with the application of the knowledge obtained from the former one.

Food scientists usually deal with the scientific aspects of foods where as the technological aspects of the same are carried out by food technologist.



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    For PG MSc food science is better or MSc food technology better for future

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    In milk upper portion of fat globules phospholipid & protein complex present but phospholipid is a gummy material so they have adhear phenomona to is other.Actually they do not adhear to is other why?