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Difference between civil services exams and group exams? I am pursuing CA(Articals)

sir, difference between civil service exams and groups exams and now i am prsuing c.a(articals)but which subject choose in civil service or groups exams

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Wink Re: Difference between civil services exams and group exams? I am pursuing CA(Articals)

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sir, difference between civil service exams and groups exams and now i am prsuing c.a(articals)but which subject choose in civil service or groups exams

Eligibility issues
You want to know about the applications deadlines, cost of applications for UPSC exams. Do I need to buy different applications for different posts?

you want to know about the optional subjects that should be taken by me because I have graduated in electronics and communications engineering .
The cost of the application is only Rs 20. This is available in the designated post offices through out India (List is available in the site). There is only one application form for all the services listed in the civil services ie, IAS , IPS, IFS (Foreign ) and other Central Services.

As your degree subject is not available in the listed subjects, you can follow the other engineering and computer faculties. Last date of receipt of the applications always mentioned in the notification issued by the UPSC. It is expected to be issued very soon. The notification is normally published in the Employment News (detailed) and other leading newspapers.

I have long-sight problem. Am I eligible for IPS. If I am not can I take laser treatment for eyes.
No. You have to get the treatment first. Nowadays the laser treatment is available in the leading hospitals. First go through it , it will be helpful for you in the future also. But you have to consult the doctor properly in this regard. Some other services have this vision requirement.
Is there any physical requirement for IPS because I suffer from short-sightedness eye defect?
Those with colour blindness are not allowed. Long sight - 6/6 is the best and 6/12 worst. And 6/9 and 6/9 is also allowed. For Short Distance better eye J.I and worst eye is J II. For more details you can consult an ophthalmologist

Please tell me that how many seats are there in IAS and IPS respectively.
The number of vacancies of IAS and IPS varies from year to year. In the year 2004 Mains exam, there were about 89 IAS and 102 IPS seats.
It depends upon the requirements submitted by the various State Governments to the Department of Personal and Training, Government of India and also requirement by the Central Government itself.

I had done my graduation last year but my result was not good in two subjects I have to give papers again. Am I eligible for this examination?
You have to complete degree because you have to give your degree certificate during the main exam

A person belonging to SC (female) is appearing for CSE. She will mention "SC" in the prelim exam application form. By that Mains exam if that person gets married to an OBC person, then what to mention in the Main exam application form? In prelims application form it will be SC and in the Mains exam application form should that person mention SC or OBC? How to handle these types of conflicts.
If he/she is a SC candidate the category remains the same In this case she can retain the SC category and may shift to the OBC category. The shifting of category is allowed only in the case of girl. If it is a male candidate, he can not change his category. We feel above is correct even then you may get some expert opinion on this issue one more thing is that once a person gets nod for SC category in the prelims he/she remains SC through out the exam because the category reservation is carried forward.

Can a student who has done his graduation in correspondence from a recognized university take CSE?
Yes. They can take Civil services. As per UPSC's eligibility criteria one should have a degree, which should be recognized by the UGC. There is no discrimination in the Civil services between regular and correspondence course.

I have done my BE and am presently with the Navy. Other than the SC/SC/OBC age relaxations, are there any specific age relaxations for defence personnel as well? Or is it 30yrs only?
Defence Services Personels get 5 Year relaxation in all categories as ex-service person. If you read the model notification you will get an idea.

Are there any quotas for the defence personnel appearing for the UPSC exams?
There is no quota for defence persons in UPSC exams. But they are given relaxation in the ex-service man category in maximum age limit.

I m doing B.TECH 2nd year. I m handicapped having polio in right leg. Can I give IAS test?
Yes. You can go for civil services exam. Normally, Students with little handicap used to get IAS. Some years there is some reservation also for handicap students. For Example, in 2006 there are few seats (IAS) reserved for handicaped students. The Reservation also given in rotation basis from one service to another. Normally Physically Challenged persons are not allowed in few technical services like IPS , IRTS. For other services, you are very much eligible. If you read the model notification you will get an answer for your question.

I am studying B. Tech final year in ECE branch, my exams will be in April, am I eligible to write the exam
You are eligible if you fulfilled the age criteria. But you have to submit your degree certificate/ provisional certificate before the main examination if you clear preliminary. The photocopy of a certificate has to attach with the main application. It is in the month of August. So, you have to get your provisional/ course completion certificate before main application.

I am doing BBA final year through correspondence, am I eligible to write the .
Yes. You are very much eligible. You have to have a degree before the exams.

Am I eligible for certain relaxation in the upper age limit as my father is a central govt. employee
No. There is no such relaxation available in the government.

I was born in Tamil Nadu now I am in Gujarat, Where can I apply
You can apply from anywhere. In the main application, you have to mention about your preference for the cadre allotment in case of All India Services like IAS and IPS

Can we write any of civil services exam after intermediate?
`No. You have to have a Graduate degree, you can not go for Civil services directly before completing your degree.

I am poor in General knowledge/ General studies.
The General knowledge/ General studies is nothing but whatever one had studied in the schooling. The questions are in applied nature some years back the questions were more direct and factual. The Competitive world driven this model to be more of an application oriented.
So, you have to read NCERT books to improve your basic knowledge one should understand the basic concept of then only you can answer the, applied nature questions. Economiccs related questions may be difficult to you. If you go through the NCERT books, it will be help.

What goes on after the interview is over? How are the services and cadres allotted?. Can anybody get into his service and cadre of his choice according to rank? Or the cadre is allotted randomly.
After the Interview is over. The board discuses your performance and award marks. This mark is added with your written marks. Then final ranking is given based on the total marks taken by students.
The services are allocated/ allotted based on the final ranking and the preferences given by the students during main examination.
For example, if a person gives his top preference as IPS in the main application he/ she will be allotted IPS even he/ she tops in the final ranking. So one has to be very careful in filling up the main application.
Cadre allotment is applicable only in the case of IAS and IPS. Cadre is allotted based on the rank and availability of seats/ vacancies in a particular state. Number of vacancies and reservation also included in the allotment.
One has to fill his/ her Cadre choice also in the main application. So student's preference is also taken into consideration for cadre allotment.
There are occasions successful student with top rank also doesn't get his home cadre/ cadre of his/ her choice because of "No vacancy" Position.
So there are many factors involved in getting the Cadre of one's choice.

Can anyone choose different languages for mains & interview as for example mains in English & interview in Hindi?
No. one can take Hindi/ Indian languages as a medium for mains and appear in Interview in English/ the language written in mains. But a person can write main paper in English and cannot appear in interview in Indian language. He should appear in the interview in English only.

Is it possible to appear for Public Administration with Hindi medium along with Electrical Engineering in mains exam which is only in English.
No. All the papers should be written in the same Language only.

For the written exam can I give first optional subject i.e. civil engg in English and second optional subject i.e. History in Marathi ?
No. You can write in one medium only if you are selecting any Indian language as a medium. You have to write all the papers that is General Studies, Essay and the optionals in the same language. But you have choice at the interview stage. You can give it in English, or in the language, you have written the main exam. The same is not applicable to the students, who write their exam in English medium. In the interview board they have to answer in English only.

I am a Maths graduate. I want to appear in CSE can I write the exam in my mother tongue (Tamil).
Yes - at the Mains stage only. But the questions will be in English and Hindi only. You have to translate the Question and answer. Candidates can write the main exam in any Indian language as specified in the VIII schedule of the Constitution. The preliminary questions are multiple choice. If you have any more specific questions to ask, you are most welcome.

The eligibility criterion and duration for the IFS exams.
There is no separate exam for IFS ( Indian Foreign Service). It is through common civil services exam only, conducted by the UPSC every year go through the scheme, model notification in our Book. It will clear all your doubts.

I want to write CSE main examination in Telugu.
There is no problem in writing in Telugu medium. But the questions will be in English or Hindi only. You have to translate the question and answer the question. Normally 15% of students appear in Telugu medium among Telugu knowing students. As you have not mentioned about your optional, we are not in a position to give more detail in this regard.

What is the height requirement for IPS?

What is the age limit for Civils to write the exam?
General 30
OBC-- 33
SC/ST 35
The cut-off date for calculating the age is August 1 on the year of exams.

Can the candidates who have undergone LASER surgery for the removal of spectacles appear for civil services exam?

I am an M.tech graduate born on 1st February'1980. Will I be eligible for May 2010 exam. Could you please explain the Age calculation procedure.
NO. You might have completed 30 years on 31st January 2010 itself. One should be less than 30 years and more than 21 years as on 1st August of the year of exam. i.e. the year of exam (attempt) you have asked is 2010, that time you would have completed 30 years and 6 months also. So 1st of August of the year of exam is the cut off date.

My date of birth is 27-11-1988 and I am doing 2nd year B.Tech from IITK. Now I do not know when I can give exam? I mean in which year
You can write in the 2010 attempt only though you will be completing 21 years in the month of Nov.26, 2009, you will be eligible to write the exam in the next attempt ie.2010

I am working in abroad (UAE), when exam time should I come in India or can I write here in Indian embassy or any examination centre?
You can only apply from abroad. For the Exams, you have to come to India.

I am an NRI wanting to write the IAS exam. Is it possible for me to compete or is it necessary to stay in India for a particular period of time to be eligible to write the exam?
If you are an Indian National ( Read the eligibility conditions given in the notification), you can very well write the Exam. You can apply from the country wherever you reside. For the Examination, you have to come to India.

Is there any bribe required for CSE interview?
There are myths about civil services It is purely on the merit.
The civil services main examination contains 2300 marks. Out by which 2000 marks are awarded in the written paper without seeing the student's face. The last phase of 300 marks is only at the interview stage.
The board members are senior civil servants, professors, academicians and other experts from different field. The board contains five members headed by a chairman, who is the member of UPSC. The members / experts sit on the panel will test the persons Caliber, mentality, Suitability to the job. etc., the total personality of a person is tested by these experts by asking questions.
The candidates ability to handle the questions, analytical capacity, decision making ability in a given situation, leadership quality.etc., are tested.
So there is no doubt about the integrity of the board members.

My B.E 8th semester result will be declared in September last week. By that time IAS main's forms will have been filled up. Should I present any provisional document in place of marksheet while filling the main's form. I don't want to waste my first attempt due to this technical problem.
If you clear preliminary you have to submit the records / certificates with mains application without final results declaration out, it will be difficult for you to submit course completion or provisional certificate so you have to forego this year attempt.

Does a student of Delhi have any advantage over others . I have been told that discriminatory policies are followed.
You can prepare for the exam from any where in India. There is no such discrimination in Civil Services exam.
Students of Delhi have an advantage of attending coaching classes. Most of the good coaching institutes are in Delhi only. A student, who joins for coaching has both advantages and disadvantages.
Get to know more students in the same competition
Can measure the ability in the tests
Comparison possible
Healthy competition among aspirants
Practice makes perfection

Very costly affair for a poor student
All the students may follow similar style of a teacher
Originality may loose
How to make up
One can go through the coaching classes but should use his / her own way of presentation.
One more thing you should know is that out of total 2300 marks in the civil services, 2000 marks are evaluated without seeing any student's face

How does going to Delhi improves the chances of success in UPSC examination? And would prepare for prelims from my hometown hamper or downgrade my chances?
Preparing for civil services from home town will not hamper your success. There are number of Civil Servants who cleared civil services without even going to any coaching Institute. It depends on individual's capacity. One should get proper guidance and Standard books for the preparation. Coaching Institutes can only give some guidance like showing the way, it is the preparation by the candidate, which makes the difference. The Civil Services Exam is like running race. If you are preparing from your home town, you may not get to know about the real competition. The Coaching Institutes give little opportunity to know the competitive world. Coming to Delhi is also not a easy thing, because the expenditure per year will be around 75,000 - 1,00,000 rupees. How many Indian students can afford this cost? If you prepare from your hometown, only the book cost one has to bear. Real problem is getting good and standard books, which are available in Delhi. If a person can procure standard books, he/she can very well prepare from home. Here one can not evaluate himself/herself because there won't be any standard test one can conduct at home.

I am a first year MBBS student and I want to ask you that am I eligible for the IFS exam after completing my graduation in this field.

Can we appear in CSE after marriage?

Does smartness (physical appearance) matter in CSE? Do interview members count this?
It is not so. In reality, out of 2300 marks, 2000 mark is evaluated with out seeing anybody's face. The examination papers are evaluated by different professors/Lecturers. The Interview is only for 300 marks. The question asked is also to test a person's personality not beauty/smartness. This is to test individual's ability to answer a question, ability to handle a situation, decision making ability and more
Physical appearance is something hereditary and it is also influenced by race, climate and other socio economic factors The UPSC members are well learned/qualified persons with a greater degree of integrity and neutrality.
So, one's success is not decided by the Physical appearance. It is the personality, which we have mentioned above. So, face the exam with confidence and do hard work and extra hard work. That will bring success to you.

Do grammatical mistakes count in CSE?
If it is optional and scientific subject, there is no problem. If you are opting for some arts and social subject, grammar mistake may give wrong meaning The meaning should not change when you present your answer.
Small mistakes will not be taken in to account. You should not make any mistake in the English paper. In the optional papers, Grammar is not taken that serious. Still mistakes should be avoided at this level of competition.

What is the age relaxation for central government servant. I am working with Defence Electronics Research Laboratory as Admin Assistant. Can I avail age relaxation?
There is no age relaxation for civil post holders in the Defence. It is there only for the defence personnel. So , you will not get any relaxation.

I am presently in Central Government service and also under bond obligation? Will there be any problem from UPSC due to this? Will they ask for an NoC?
To write civil services, there is no need have NoC from government. You have to inform that "You will be appearing for the civil services examination 2006 " to the head of the department. There is no age relaxation for Central Government servants in UPSC.

What is the average age of selected candidates?
This vary from year to year. As per the latest UPSC report, 32% students cleared IAS before 24 year old. UPSC classification is 21 - 24, 24-26, 26-28 and 28 above. Maximum number of candidates cleared in age of 24 - 26.
The percentage of age group passed civil services also vary with community. The General candidate has lower age average. Maximum percentage cleared in General category is in 24 - 26 years. The OBC category is 26 - 28 years. SC / ST candidates is again 24 - 26 years.

Does a "PG Diploma in Management" from an institute(Symbiosis) approved by DEC (Distance Education Council) meet the eligibility criteria for appearing at the UPSC - CSE.
I have pursued this course after Diploma in Engineering from SBTET AP and about 7 years experience with reputed firms in Electrical Engineering industry.
What you had studied earlier also diploma & again you are going for PG diploma. It is again a diploma. It should be clarified with the Institute authorities. Normally Diploma students go for AMIE, that is considered as a degree.

I have done diploma in Mechanical Engg. and I am very much interested in appearing for IAS exams. As per the eligibility norms, I should have graduate degree to take up IAS exams and should be within 30 years. But, I don't have any graduate degree and now I am 28 years old (1977 born). Presently, I am working and I can resign my job to take up this exams. Please guide me through to achieve this dream.
As per the laid down rules, one should have a UGC recognized degree. Diploma is not considered as a degree. You can do AMIE, which is equivalent to Degree. If you can do some degree in one sitting/one year, do it. Don't quit the job, the Civil Services Exam is highly unpredictable one.

I live in Canada and wish to come back to India to give the exam, is it possible for people like me to score well in the prelims as I am not at well informed about the Indian current affairs etc.
Yes. You can very well write civil services. First go through the syllabus of different subjects. Select the optionals which are interesting to you.
You can develop current Affairs by reading the Hindu newspaper online.
After selecting the optional, you can get the books from India and read it there. There are magazines, which are specialized in civil services Exam that can be subscribed from India.
So, if you have the will power, you can achieve any feet. Distance doesn't matter.

Is there any maximum percentage of marks in degree level to be eligible for the exam?
You have to have a degree only. Eligibility is UGC recognized degree. Degree marks doesn't have any significance in the civil services. But if you have good marks, it will be fine.
What should be one's target (out of 2300) in CSE Mains examination in order to get the cadre of IAS.
The cut off marks vary from year to year. There are many factors involved in the increase or decrease of cut off marks. If you read our column "SECRET OF SUCCESS" you will get an idea.
The civil services exam is like a race. The time of the same runner differs from one race to another. The civil services marks/ score are also like that.
Even then we can give some cut off ie 1300/ 2300 - based on our experience.

I have done my BA in Economics. Even after working hard, I got 41%, but I still need to and want to succeed in CSE.
Always remember - failures are the stepping stones to success. You can write Civil services and succeed also. We have lots of examples like you. Don't worry about your past. Now think of future and work for success. People who have been failures have been successful in later stages.
Civil services needs hard work, intelligent study, patience and few other qualities. If you are determined to face it, nobody can stop you from succeeding. So go ahead with your preparation.
Regarding Optionals, Public Administration is fine. But you have to rethink about Economics as the first optional. First go through the detailed syllabus and previous years' question papers. That will give an evaluation about where do you stand? Accordingly you can go about preparing for the CSE. If you have more doubts, you are most welcome to clarify them.

Whether it is imperative to revise every week, or for that matter everyday, or one should safely study the whole course before revising what has been studied. My optional is Geography.
It depends from individual to individual. Every person has his/her talents in memorizing things. This can be decided only by the concerned person, as he/she is the right person to evaluate his/her ability.
Once you have prepared your subject, you may review it mentally on a daily basis. Whatever one studied in a day can be revised in 5 - 10 minutes. Based on this study, you can decide how often you have to revise to retain the subject in your memory.

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Default Re: Difference between civil services exams and group exams? I am pursuing CA(Articals)

Sir my name is mamatha.i hv cmpltd m.pharmacy.i wnt to write both civils and groups.which one is bettet and easy for me.am from sc category.can you give a detailed information about this exam.which subjct is better and what is procedure for application.when the notificarion will be released?

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Default Re: Difference between civil services exams and group exams? I am pursuing CA(Articals)

Procedure for preperation of ias exam being a student bbm 2 nd year?which books should I refer if my subject is social
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