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How to do MSc maths from IITs?

i'm willing to do my MSc maths from IITs. so am i supposed to study other subjects too for JAM?

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Default Re: How to do MSc maths from IITs?

The JAM test paper for those willing to get admission in M.Sc. in Mathematics
comprises of questions from Mathematics only.
So, you are not at all required to prepare any other subject as far as JAM for Mathematics
is concerned.

The syllabus for this, is given as below. Refer it for your preparation.

Sequences and Series of real numbers: Sequences
and series of real numbers. Convergent and divergent
sequences, bounded and monotone sequences,
Convergence criteria for sequences of real numbers,
Cauchy sequences, absolute and conditional convergence;
Tests of convergence for series of positive terms –
comparison test, ratio test, root test, Leibnitz test for
convergence of alternating series.
Functions of one variable: limit, continuity,
differentiation, Rolle’s Theorem, Mean value theorem.
Taylor’s theorem. Maxima and minima.
Functions of two real variable: limit, continuity, partial
derivatives, differentiability, maxima and minima.
Method of Lagrange multipliers, Homogeneous
functions including Euler’s theorem.
Integral Calculus: Integration as the inverse process
of differentiation, definite integrals and their properties,
Fundamental theorem of integral calculus. Double and triple
integrals, change of order of integration. Calculating surface
areas and volumes using double integrals and applications.
Calculating volumes using triple integrals and applications.
Differential Equations: Ordinary differential equations
of the first order of the form y’=f(x,y). Bernoulli’s equation,
exact differential equations, integrating factor, Orthogonal
trajectories, Homogeneous differential equations-separable
solutions, Linear differential equations of second and higher
order with constant coefficients, method of variation of
parameters. Cauchy- Euler equation.
Vector Calculus: Scalar and vector fields, gradient,
divergence, curl and Laplacian. Scalar line integrals and
vector line integrals, scalar surface integrals and vector
surface integrals, Green’s, Stokes and Gauss theorems and
their applications.
Group Theory: Groups, subgroups, Abelian groups,
non-abelian groups, cyclic groups, permutation groups;
Normal subgroups, Lagrange’s Theorem for finite groups,
group homomorphisms and basic concepts of quotient
groups (only group theory).
Linear Algebra: Vector spaces, Linear dependence of
vectors, basis, dimension, linear transformations, matrix
representation with respect to an ordered basis, Range
space and null space, rank-nullity theorem; Rank and
inverse of a matrix, determinant, solutions of systems of
linear equations, consistency conditions. Eigenvalues and
eigenvectors. Cayley-Hamilton theorem. Symmetric, skew-
symmetric, hermitian, skew-hermitian, orthogonal and
unitary matrices.
Real Analysis: Interior points, limit points, open sets,
closed sets, bounded sets, connected sets, compact sets;
completeness of R, Power series (of real variable) including
Taylor’s and Maclaurin’s, domain of convergence, term-wise
differentiation and integration of power series.

The registration process for the exam is in progress. Visit: http://www.iitd.ac.in/

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Default Re: How to do MSc maths from IITs?

Originally Posted by namrata_chandak View Post
i'm willing to do my MSc maths from IITs. so am i supposed to study other subjects too for JAM?
Hi namrata ,

As per your wish of doing M.Sc(math) in IIT here are the following details regarding how to get a seat in IITs and the details of the course


Duration:- 2 years

Eligibility:- B.Sc

Admission Criteria:- Admission through Joint Admission Test for M.Sc (JAM) Score merit


visit the link provided below


The minimum score that you should get to secure a seat is not a fixed one and hence try hard and get through it .

Wishing you a very good luck

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Default Re: How to do MSc maths from IITs?

If you qualify in JAM (whose names appear in the Merit List) shall be eligible to apply for admission to any of the corresponding academic programmes available at different IITs.

If you qualified in IIT-JAM then you can apply for admission in Top IITs Of India.

Here are Top IITs in INDIA:-

IIT Bombay (IITB)
IIT Delhi (IITD)
IIT Guwahati (IITG)
IIT Kanpur (IITK)
IIT Kharagpur (IITKgp)
IIT Madras (IITM)
IIT Roorkee (IITR)

All the best your career
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