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How can I prepare to secure above 90% in 11th Science CBSE Board exam?

I am a student of 11th Science of CBSE Board. I have successfully clear my 10th Board and now taken admission in 11th standard. I want to know how to prepare for CBSE Board 11th class exam for scoring above 90% marks?

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Default Re: How can I prepare to secure above 90% in 11th Science CBSE Board exam?

To get above 90% marks in any subject, hard labor with dedication and determination is necessary.
The basic step to get above 90% marks in any examination are
-Stick to the syllabus only.
-Cover all the topic provided in syllabus of each chapters.
-Focus mainly on N.C.E.R.T books as much as possible.
-Use help books of any subject only to clear any topic which you are not understanding well from N.C.E.R.T books..
-Maintain regularity in schools,tuition or coaching.
-Self-study is the best study to get good scores.
-Revision of any topic you studied is necessary .
-Revision must be done at regular basis .

Revision,practice and self-study is the key to success in any examination to get good marks.
So, it should be done regularly as without regularity in any work you are involved is not going to successful.

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Default Re: How can I prepare to secure above 90% in 11th Science CBSE Board exam?

Here are some suggestions for you to achieve target of 90% in Science stream in 11th standard. If you follow them regularly then you will definitely got success.

1. First of all you need to be more consistent towards your studies.
2. Devote at least 1 1/2 hours to each subject.
3. Study all topics very carefully and make notes of each topic.
4. Don't forget important derivations. You need more practice on them.
5. Collect best study material by consulting your subject teacher.
6. If require then join tuition batches of individual subject.
7. Take healthy diet and take some rest while you switch your subjects.

These suggestions will be more beneficial for you in achieving your target.

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Default Re: How can I prepare to secure above 90% in 11th Science CBSE Board exam?

To score above 90% or more in your 11th board exams it is high time that you become highly focussed.

More than a time table you need a proper time management;

> Firstly do not ignore your health.

> Get proper sleep and eat a balanced nutritious diet.

> A good relaxed mind and healthy food is important for you to retain what you study.

> Besides know your strengths and weaknesses.

> Give more time to your weaker subjects but also take care that you do not ignore any subject altogether because a piled up sylabbus in even one subject might bring down your percentage.

> Do not try to spend hours in front of books if you are not retaining what you study.

> Plan to study such that you do not study for long stretches and get enough break every hour or two.

> Also be positive and optimistic about scoring well.

> A happier you will be a successful you.
18th June 2015, 12:41 AM
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11th class exams are conducted by own schools so every school have different papers in that manner i cannot guide you exactly what you need to do to score high marks, as you mentioned that you are a student of CBSE board so i suggests you to first of all focus of N.C.E.R.T Books because cbse follows N.C.E.R.T books or follow the book which one is suggested by your teachers Note- Keep in touch with your school teachers they will guide you better than anyone in that case
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Default Re: How can I prepare to secure above 90% in 11th Science CBSE Board exam?

You have to work very hard for securing above 90% marks.

* Make the time table and work according to it. Do not waste your time.Time management is very important.

*Study all the subjects on regular basis According to your ability.

*While learning underline the key points and revised it time to time.

*If you are not retaining what you study then do not waste time in front of books.

*Also take care of your health and take proper diet as it is says-If Health is lost everything is lost.

*keep the positive attitude but do not be over confident.

*Do not take any stress or tension be cool and calm and concentrate on your studies.

Good luck
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