Government Colleges for BA Psychology


Psychology is a study that deals with the mental behavior and processes. In other words, it is the systematic study of animal and human thought, mind and behavior. Psychology at the UG level is offered either under arts or under science faculty and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is a three-year course.

In India, many colleges offer B.A. Psychology course and the names of Government Colleges offering this course in India is given below:

List of Government Colleges:

Sushilabati Government Women’s College

Government Autonomous College, Rourkela

Government Degree College, Sambalpur University, Orissa

Government National College, Haryana

Government J. Yaganandam Chhattisgarh College, Raipur

Government College for Women, Kerala

Government Nursing College, Bangalore

Women’s Christian College, Chennai

Presidency College, Chennai

Government Arts College, Coimbatore

Eligibility for B.A. Psychology admission:

For seeking admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in the afore-mentioned colleges, candidates must have completed their higher secondary education from a recognized board in any stream of education.

Course Area:

Bachelor of Arts in psychology course covers different range of activities like social relationships and their effect on personality development and mental disorders, development of children, physiology of nervous system, forgetting, remembering, perceiving and learning, process of thinking, etc…

Higher education after completion of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology:

After completion of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology course, candidates can go for the following PG degree and diploma courses:

Master of Arts in Psychology

Post Graduate Diploma in CAH Psychology

Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development Psychology

Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology

Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical & Community Pathology

Post Graduate Diploma in Child Psychology Care & Management

Career Opportunities after completion of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology:

Career prospects of psychology graduates can be classified into different areas of specializations like clinical psychology, counseling psychology, social psychology, educational psychology, industrial psychology, research psychology and developmental psychology.

Candidates who wish to take up any of the aforesaid specializations will have to do higher studies in that particular specializations to get a better understanding of the subject matter. They should develop their skills in that particular area of specialization in such a way that they can perform well among and can offer the best service to their clients. For instance, when taking the case of clinical psychologist, they should develop their skill in offering counseling to emotionally and mentally disturbed clients to get them out of their medical illness.



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