Salaries after M.Sc Physics


After the completion of M.Sc Physics, many students tend to get in to permanent jobs in the areas like research, manufacturing and even design. As a fresher, one can find a job initially as a Trainee Research Scientist. If a candidate wants to have a long term career in the field of research it will be worthwhile to take up a Doctorate program and undertake research.

Most of the M.Sc Physics graduates would find jobs in the fields like electronics, telecommunications etc. Defense is also one another field which recruits Physicists. Some other areas where candidates can look for jobs include the Nuclear and renewable energy, environmental jobs etc. If candidates are interested in the automobile sector then Rolls-Royce, AWE and RM etc are few of the companies who keenly seek to employ physicists.

Salaries after M.Sc Physics in Government Organizations

National Physical Laboratory, UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, Tata Institution of Fundamental Research, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board etc are few of the companies which recruits M.Sc Physics graduates in to various posts. Qualified candidates will be taken in to various research and scientist posts. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Research Associate : Emoluments : Rs.16000/- plus HRA
  • Junior Research Fellow (JRF) Emoluments : Rs.12000/- plus HRA,
  • Research Intern : Emoluments (Fixed): Rs.11500/-
  • Project Assistant Level-II : Emoluments (Fixed): Rs. 12000/-,
  • Scientist : Pay Scale : Rs.15600-39100 with GP Rs.6600
  • Scientific Officer (SO) - Radiological Physics Pay Scale : Rs. 15600-39100 + GP Rs. 6600/-
  • Technical Officer (TO) - Radiological Physics , Pay Scale : Rs. 15600-39100 + GP Rs. 7600/-

Salaries after M.Sc Physics in Private Institutions

M.Sc Physics graduates can look in for employment in the private sector companies associated with computer science, engineering etc. The aerospace industry, astronomy, and even education sector are excellent place to find good jobs for Physicist. People in the physics field having high-level mathematical skills and a strong background in interpreting scientific data and technological expertise are always welcomed in the field of research.

Salaries in various private organization will vary drastically depending up on the qualification, skills and experience a candidates holds. There are many jobs which will fetch good pay packages for the M.Sc Physics Graduates. A qualified fresher can easily get a pay package of Rs.12, 000 to Rs.18, 000 or more in good private research organizations.

Remuneration after M.Sc Physics in India and Abroad

Physicists work in a variety of areas from basic research in universities and Public sector laboratories to education, healthcare, manufacturing and consulting firms in India as well as abroad. Because of this very reason, many of the job profiles held by Physicists do not consist of the word physicist, it is often hard to spot physicists and gather data on what physicists do and how much they earn in India and Abroad.



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    Pooja vijay dhamale:

    Salaries for msc in physics with ph.d & without ph .d

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    How can apply for ph.d physics in india ?

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    Pravin khodke: physics can earn 6 to 7 figure salary in private?

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    Elton Fernandes:

    As you stated earlier “If candidates are interested in the automobile sector then Rolls-Royce, AWE and RM etc are few of the companies who keenly seek to employ physicists.
    I have a bachelor degree in Physics and i’m interested in the automobile field. Can you brief me up with the information related to automobile sector for pure science graduates. Thanks

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    after doing M.SE in physic we can do M.TECH. in aeronautical

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    I want to know, which subject of msc physic have a great scope,whether it is astro,neuclear or any other? And what is sallry of them?

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    which type of job i will get after MSc (physics-electronics 1) in all industries in Maharashtra? what will be starting salary? rply

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    Jafar khan:

    Dear sir/madam
    i want to resarch in electronic feild and drdo which company come to take resarch scoler
    name-jafar khan
    student msc phy 3rd sem (2nd sem 81%)
    in shahdol mp

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    Vinay Badhani:

    Sir i inform to you that i am year student of Kumaun University Nainital.Sir i am in trouble in this time.sir what is the jobs after your department.please reply me must sir.

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    pretty sunish:

    dear sir,
    i completed my masters in physics,and i like to do any job oriented cources related to physics,which is easier to get job in UAE.