Government Jobs in the field of Psychology


Psychology can be broadly defined as a study of mind and to shine in this field of, a person should possess real interest in people. When it comes to profession, psychology is the application of the understanding of human behavior in such a way as to solve human problems. When psychology is seen as a science, it is the systematic approach to the understanding of people and their behavior.

Professionals in this field collect information through surveys, clinical studies, questionnaires and interviews, observation, intelligence and aptitude tests, performance, personality and controlled lab experiments.

Courses in Psychology:

For starting a career in the field of psychology candidates can acquire the following educational qualifications:

Bachelor of Arts/Science in Psychology

Master of Arts/Science in Psychology

Master of Philosophy in

o Psychology

o Holistic psychology

Ph. D in Psychology

Master of science in Holistic Psychology

Post Graduate Diploma in

o CAH Psychology

o Clinical & community Psychology

o Counseling Psychology

Candidates can also take up clinical psychology as their career and clinical psychology courses are offered by many institutions and universities in India. Some of the institutes offering clinical psychology courses in India are Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences, National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Science and Central Institute of Psychiatry. There are also institutes offering certificate and diploma courses in psychology.

Government jobs in the field of Psychology:

Candidates with psychology and clinical psychology profession can able to find job opportunities in government sector in licensed psychiatric nursing homes. When it comes to government jobs in the field of psychology, candidates can find job placements in historical division of the External Affairs ministry of Government of India and other government organizations offering employment opportunities to these professionals are:

Department of Tourism

Education Ministry

All India Handicrafts Board

Defence Services

Information & Broadcasting Ministry

Central Board of Film Censors and Film Division of Government of India

When it comes to career in the field of psychology, candidates can find job placements as clinical psychologist and counseling psychologists. Even candidates can find research positions in research organizations working under the control of Government. Otherwise, they can also take up teaching as their profession in the government colleges offering courses in the field of psychology. Thus, psychology is a field that not only helps in solving the mental health related problems of people, but also offers a wide range of employment opportunities to the professionals in this field.



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    i completed msc psychology.can i get govt job?

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    I am pursuing msc.psychology through distance, can i get government job as the same field?

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    fateh yogi:

    I am pursuing M A Final year in Industrial Organizational psychology, I want a job in Indian Railways related to I/O Psychology. Is there any opportunity ?

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    is there any jobs for psychologists in defence and external affairs ministry of india ?