Government Colleges for Ph. D in Ocular Pharmacology


Ocular is a term used for denoting eyes and pharmacology is something pertaining to drugs and therefore ocular pharmacology is a term that denotes the use and study of drugs not only for treating diseases in the eye, but also for diagnosing the diseases. Nowadays, with the increasing incidence of eye related problems, identification of proper drugs for treating eye related issues becomes highly essential and here comes the role of ocular pharmacology.

When it comes to Ph. D course in Ocular pharmacology, the only government institution offering this course in India is:

All India Institute of Medical Science

Department of Ocular Pharmacology of All India Institute of Medical Sciences:

The Department of Ocular Pharmacology of AIIMS is working under the Dr. R.P. Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences and this section of the institute is engaged in research activities in formation of new drugs for diseases in eyes. Some of the main areas of research of the centre are:

Postmenopausal dry eye

Retinal Angiogenesis

Developing Algorithm for the trans-corneal Penetration of drugs

Ocular drug transporters modulating intraocular kinetics of drugs

For successfully carrying out research activities several facilities like high sterile pharmaceutical laboratory, high precision Bio-analytical facility, experimental ocular pharmacology lab and computer aided drug design lab are provided by the AIIMS to this centre.  In addition to engaging in research activities, the department also offers PG and Ph. D courses in Ocular Pharmacology.

Eligibility for getting into Ph. D in Ocular Pharmacology course:

For seeking admission to the Ph. D in Ocular Pharmacology course, candidates will have to fulfill the following eligibility conditions:

PG Degree or diploma in courses pertaining to ocular pharmacology from an institution recognized by the Medical Council of India

Before PG Degree/diploma course, candidates must have completed their MBBS from a MCI recognized institution with not less than 55% of marks

Course Duration for Ph. D in Ocular Pharmacology:

Maximum duration permitted by the AIIMS for completion of any Ph. D course is five years and this period of five years will be calculated from the date of registration of the candidates for the Ph. D in Ocular Pharmacology course.

Procedure for Admission:

Admission of students to the Ph. D in Ocular Pharmacology course is done in the following stages:

Generally admission to any Ph. D course offered by the AIIMS is done on the basis of Ph. D entrance test conducted by the institute and the questions will be of objective type question from the discipline in which a candidates wishes to do his/her Ph. D from the institute

On successful completion of the written test, candidates equal to the three times the number of seats available for Ph. D course in a particular discipline will be invited for departmental evaluation and in this process, the marks secured by candidates in the qualifying examination will also be considered for calling to the departmental evaluation

Ocular Pharmacology is a field with good growth prospects, there is a shortage of professors in this field as compared to the required numbers, and therefore, candidate with Ph. D in this discipline can enjoy great future prospects.



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