PTU- B. Pharmacy 6th Semester-Pharmacology-II Papers


Pharmacology deals with the action of various drugs and it belongs to the branch of biology and medicine. It studies the interactions between the chemical and the living organisms that affect their biochemical function. Pharmacology studies the sources of various drugs, their properties, their nature, their reactions with the body and with other drugs etc. It is very much needed for preparing right drugs for a particular disease.

How the paper looks like?

The paper of Pharmacology-II has 10 questions in it. The questions are divided into 3 different sections; Section A is of 15 sub-questions which are very short answering type questions and all are compulsory, every question carries same marks. Section B is of 5 short answer type questions and 4 from it are needed to be attempted. Section C is of 4 long answer type questions and 3 from it are needed to be solved. These questions also carry same marks.

Which questions are more often asked in this paper?

Examples of some questions asked are such as various anti-asthmatic drugs and description of mast cell stabilizers, definition of diuretic, classification of diuretic, pharmacology of thiazides, various anti-coagulants, oral anti-coagulants, antihypertensive drugs, pharmacology of beta-blockers, notes on Statins, brief note on drug therapy od shock, notes on calcium channel blockers, mechanism of action of digitalis, anti-platelet drugs, examples of Leukotriene antagonists, anti-hypertensive, advantages of newer anti-histamines, coronary steal phenomenon, class IV anti-arrhythmic drugs, functions of diuretics, plasma volume expanders, two side effects of digitalis etc.

Can a student score good marks in this paper?

A student can score good marks in this paper, but he has to prepare well and learn the name, properties, reactions etc of various drugs very nicely. Plus if he can provide good diagrams and examples with his answers, it will be added advantage.

How much time is allotted for this paper?

The students will be getting a time duration of 3 hours to answer all the questions. 15 minutes of this he/she must utilise to read the question paper carefully and find out which questions he/she can answer very well and then start writing his paper.

Which Books are recommended for Pharmacology from PTU?

  • Principles of pharmacology by David E. Golan
  • Pharmacology by Agarwaal
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