Government Colleges in Pali District, Rajasthan


Pali District is in the western part of the nation and the district is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan, the district has the town of Pali as its headquarters. The existence of Pali is traced by the Geologists in the pre-historic period and they have found that Pali has emerged from the vast western sea spread over a large part of the current day Rajasthan. In the Vedic Age, Maharishi Javali is believed to have stayed in the area of Pali for interpretation of Vedas and meditation. Even in the epic of Mahabharata, the Pandavas were believed to have rested in Pali District during their exile.

Literacy in Pali District:

The rate of literacy in the district of Pali is 63.23% according to the census conducted in the year 2001, which include male literacy rate of 78.16% and female literacy rate of 48.35%. The district has more than 2500 schools and 8 colleges. The names of government colleges functioning in the district of Pali are given below:

Bangur Government College

Government Girls College, Pali

Government Polytechnic College, Pali

Some of the details regarding the government colleges functioning from the Pali District of the state of Rajasthan are given below:

Bangur Government College:

Bangur Government College was inaugurated in the year 1961 on the 13th of July and the college began its journey as a government school and later it was developed as a college. The college offers arts, science and commerce courses with affiliation from the Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati University.

Government Girls College, Pali:

Government Girls College is also affiliated to the Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati University and it offers courses in the faculties of arts, science and commerce. The college is meant for offering education to girl students and it was established mainly with the objective of development of women education in the district of Pali.

Government Polytechnic College, Pali:

Government Polytechnic College is meant for offering diploma courses in the field of technical education. The college offers three-year diploma courses in electronics engineering and electrical engineering. For these courses, the institute has an intake capacity of 30 students per course per year.

Even though, the number of government colleges in the Pali district of the state of Rajasthan is lesser, these three colleges are known for the best education in the fields of arts, science, commerce and technical education respectively thereby contributing towards the educational development of not only the Pali District, but also for the educational development of the state of Rajasthan as well.



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