Government Jobs in Disaster Management in India


Disaster Management, which is otherwise called as emergency management can be defined as the art of dealing with and also avoiding both manmade and natural disasters. The field involves being prepared before disaster to face it and supporting and rebuilding the society after natural disasters like tsunami, drought, earthquakes, etc…  Nowadays, many private and government organizations are engaged in disaster management field. When it comes to public sector organizations, it is called as emergency services or civil defense on the other hand, when it comes to private organizations, it is referred to as business continuity planning.

Principles of Disaster Management:

Planning for management of disaster should be done as a daily work along with management and establishment of local facilities and resources. There are a number of principles of disaster management that include right knowledge of nature of society, geographic location, focus on large-scale events, coordination between efforts of individuals and different organizations and right usage of resources for day-to-day purposes. In India, there are many areas that are frequently affected by natural disasters and sometimes by manmade disasters and therefore, disaster management become highly essential for the Ministry of Human Resource Development of Government of India. As a result of this, the study of disaster management has been added in the curriculum of many government-run and private aided institutions.

Courses in Disaster Management in India:

Disaster Management courses are offered at the diploma, PG and UG level in India and these courses enables a person to study about distribution of medical care and food to appropriate people in times of disaster, evacuation process, to respond to the requirements of the people and the area and effective management of emergency situation. To pursue a career in disaster management, the first step is to clear the higher secondary examination, which will enable a candidate to enter into UG courses on disaster management and further they can develop their knowledge in this field by going for PG course in disaster management.

Institutions offering disaster management courses in India:

Some of the prominent universities and institutions offering disaster management courses in India are National Institute of Disaster Management, National Civil Defence College, Centre for Disaster Management, Disaster Management Institute, International Centre of Madras University, University of North Bengal, Indira Gandhi National Open University.

Career in disaster management:

Jobs in disaster management can be found in public sector and candidates can find their career in international agencies, non-governmental organizations, relief agencies, local authorities, law enforcement agencies and emergency services. They can find job placement in the positions like operations analyst, security administrator, database administrator or analyst, network and systems administrator. They can also offer their services as rehabilitation workers, environment experts, medical health experts, engineers and social workers.

Latest Government jobs in Disaster Management:

Recently, the State Disaster Management Authority of the state of Punjab invited applications from eligible candidates for the following positions:

Web Designer

Statistical Analyst


Media Manager

Disaster Management Coordinators

Disaster Management Centre Professionals

Therefore, disaster management is a field that not only offer employment opportunities to professionals with expertise in disaster management, but candidates from other educational background can also find job placement in organizations working in the field of disaster management.

Scope of Disaster Management career:

Therefore, a large number of government and non-governmental organizations are in need for disaster management professionals. The field is expected to offers an immense scope of job opportunities in International organizations like UNESCO, Red Cross, Asian Development Bank, United Nations Organizations and World, Bank and NGOs. Moreover, the career can also offer a good pay package in addition to a great mental satisfaction.



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