Objective of Disaster Management course


The disaster management course plays an important role in metropolitan cities and villages. The candidates those who have undertaken this field of study have to engage in the activities that involves risk element like visiting the project sites and industries and providing corrective measures in order to avoid accidents and large scale disasters. The objectives evolved depend on the moral and physiological background. The candidates are given immense training that in turn results in the protection of lives and property.

The course in disaster management creates the individual in such a way that he gets a thorough understanding about the type of disasters and different ways to extinguish the threat that has fallen into the site of action. The course also provides various mitigation methods against hazards and its related aspects that lead to disaster. The individuals are put into different organizations after the training. These types of groups play an important role at sites of disaster and they are well known under the names fire fighting and health care team. The course thus provides an overall understanding about the disaster as well as its impact on the workers mind. The course also sets certain objectives that require reporting, psychology, monitoring and investigation in the right proportions.

Role of Disaster Management in Natural Calamities

The disaster management course has evolved on the sole noble motive of delivering imperative helps during natural calamities to needy people. The candidates those who have pursued this course make aware of the practical methods to defoliate the evil effects of the natural calamities on the common people. The disaster managers make arrangements for food and water for the people those are affected by natural calamities. They help the affected people to reach safe places which are far away from the disaster epicenter. They also offer them with proper medical aid and other necessities with great courage.

Applications of Disaster Management Course

There are many research projects carried as part of the disaster management program. The objective of such programs can be,

Improving community resilience: This research helps in modeling the factors that helps a community to withstand all the consequences of natural calamities. The several factors are that helps to resist the consequences are behavioral, psychological and community. The various hazard mitigation methods results in community fulfillment and development.

Emergency management planning: This particular topic extends its research in natural hazard events, communicating and training of the organisms to respond to the forthcoming natural hazards.

Public response to warning systems: This research is carried out to improve the public response to the warning systems like dam break floods, tsunami, lahars and eruptions.



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