Government Jobs in Pharmaceutical Technology in India


Indian Pharmaceutical Companies are continuing to expand their base inspite of the slow down. As compared to other industries in India, the pharmaceutical industry seems to be more stable and the industry continues to show an impressive performance. According to the presently available figures, the size of this industry in India is posed to reach a higher height by the year 2020. India is regarded as the pharmacy to the whole world and more particularly to the third world nations.

India is exporting pharmaceutical products to more than 200 nations in the world inclusive of the Brazil, UG, German, Russia and the USA. In addition, the country is the leader in the supplier of AIDS drugs to the world nations. Moreover, the industry is estimated to have creation of 5 lakh jobs in the next four years involving an investment of between Rs.5000-10000 crore through public-private partnership model.

Who are employed by pharmaceutical technology industry?

Pharmaceutical industry normally employ graduates and post graduates in the field of pharmacy for most of its operations, which include distribution (marketing), quality control inclusive of quality assurance and manufacturing. The expertise needed for joining pharmaceutical technology jobs is normally a course in Pharmaceutical sciences or pharmaceutical technology. Pharma being a knowledge based industry, similar skills are needed for all its operations and activities. The different career opportunities available in the pharmaceutical industry are given below:

Government sector jobs:

Manufacturing Chemist: When it comes to public sector jobs in pharmaceutical technology, candidates can find job opportunity in the position of manufacturing chemist. These are professionals under whose supervision manufacture of medicines take place. However, only candidates with pharmaceutical license can find job placement in the position of manufacturing chemist. Under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, which regulates the drug industries, graduates in pharmacy with at least 18 months of experience in a pharmaceutical manufacturing firm are regarded as suitable for this position. In this job position, there is a wide scope for promotion and candidates can get promotion as factory manager of works manager after gaining some years of experience as manufacturing chemist.

Quality Assurance: Another position that can be found in public sector organizations in pharmaceutical technology field is quality assurance/control personnel. Quality assurance involves the whole quality assurance process according to the standards laid. Pharmaceutical graduates with aptitude towards analysis of pharmaceuticals and handling of sophisticated instruments can find job opportunity in this position as interesting. For this position, most of companies look for candidates with Master of Pharmacy with specialization in Quality Assurance. In this position also there is good scope for promotion from quality control chemists to quality assurance manager.

Government Analyst: Government drug testing laboratories, appoint analysts for checking the quality of samples of medicines sent by manufacturing units or retail drug stores for approval. Therefore, candidates with graduation in Pharmaceutical Technology can find job opportunities in government laboratories, but candidates will have to undergo some training in drug testing under a government analyst or in an approved laboratory before looking for job opportunity in this position. Even some government job recruit graduates in pharmaceutical technology and then offer them training for the position of Government Analyst.

Other career opportunities in Pharmaceutical Technology industry:

In addition to the aforesaid government job positions, candidates can also find job opportunities in private organizations functioning in pharmaceutical sector in the field of marketing, regulatory affairs, as community pharmacist, etc…

With the emergence of pharmaceutical technology in India, more and more employment opportunities are expected to be created for pharmaceutical technologists and therefore a wide door for employability is open for candidates with graduation or post graduation in the field of pharmacy and drug production.



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    list the job opportunities after completing Bsc,.Bio-chemistry B.Ed

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