Government jobs in Special Education in India


Introduction of basic education to all is the primary responsibility of the government. Taking this into consideration, not only government of India, but many state governments in India has take innumerable measures to ensure education to all irrespective of caste, creed and community. To be particular, with the development of global competition, the system of education in India is undergoing great changes.

When it comes to basic education, government believes that children with mental or physical ability are no exception to this rule. The government has introduced special education in the nation with a view to help children with disability with their share of education and to help them in improving their quality of life by learning according to their capability.

Courses in Special education in India:

There are around 35 diploma and degree courses in special education in India specially meant for special students. Most of these courses are managed by the Rehabilitation Council of India to offer a rehabilitation to the specially-abled children in their life. Many institutes are functioning in India for offering education to specially-abled students are here are the popular ones:

The Institute for Physically Handicapped

National Institute for orthopedically handicapped

National Institute of the Visually Handicapped

National Institute of Rehabilitation, Training and Research

National institute for Hearing Handicapped

National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped

Therefore, there are institutions for offering education to students with particular type of inability and some of them are offering education to candidates with any type of inability, irrespective of whether it is mental inability, physical inability, visual inability or hearing inability.

About the profession of special education:

Special education is a profession concerned with the arrangement of education newables leading to elimination, reduction and prevention of the conditions that produce significant defects. In other words, special education is a field that offers a pupil with direct services of trained special education, who makes use of unique curriculum and a different or specialized instruction materials that are quite different from the conventionally available materials. The main objective of special education is to make a child with disability to understand and adjust himself or herself in family, school or other social attachment in such a way that they can be able to solve their everyday problems. Specially trained teachers, guide these students to make the independent in such a way that they might not be regarded as burden to the society. The system of special education simply helps the family of the victim and the community in helping them to reduce their problems.

Government jobs in special education:

Candidates with degree or diploma in special education can find jobs in private and government sector as special education teachers. Many government-run institutions are specially meant for children with disability and candidates with B. Ed or M. Ed can find great job opportunities in these institutions. Recently, the Government of NCT of Delhi called for applications for as many as 858 vacancies for the position of special education teacher for working in different special education institutions functioning under its control. Therefore, special education professionals can find a mentally satisfactory career in this noble profession of helping the different-abled people. More than anything else, they can get a sense of relaxation when they see the specially-abled children improving due to the education offered by them. Therefore, special education is not only a lucrative profession, but also a profession that offers great mental satisfaction. Special education professionals can find job opportunities as teachers and counselors in different Rehabilitation centres and even there are hospitals with special ward for specially-abled people and candidates can get job opportunities as counselor in these hospitals.



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    Sir, mujhliu spl. B.Ed kiye huye 2 year ho chuke hai kya karan hai ki anya B.Ed ki trah ish B.Ed ko aage nhi badhaya ja hai. na hoto ish B.Ed course ko band kya dena chahiye, logo ka paisa faltu ja rha hai . akhir sceem smaveshit shiksha ki hai to wo kaise puri ho gi . jab tak ham logu ko rkha nahi jaye ga smaveshit sceem kaishe puri hogi . hum sub over age ho chuke hai. is liye jab bhi vacancy aayi to hum logo ka dhyan rakha jaye.

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