Astronaut - How to become an Astronaut?


An astronaut is someone who is given training by the spaceflight program to work as the pilots or as his team in a space craft. They travel to space where they conduct experiments or repair/replace parts of satellites.

Qualifying exam

Aspirants who wish to become Astronauts needs to have a Bachelor’s degree in biological science, engineering, mathematics or physical science from a recognized university. They then need to obtain any one of the following degrees from renowned institutes like IISC or IIT.

Candidates can go for:

  • PhD (Astrophysics).
  • PhD (Geophysics).
  • PhD (Metaphysics).

After graduation, the candidates can appear for the entrance exam which is held by the NASA for the recruitment of Scientists, Astronauts etc. Candidates can also find employment in ISRO. There are many openings in ISRO which is conducted for the recruitment of Scientists and Engineers. In order to join the ISRO, the candidates need to clear the Joint Entrance Exam set by the IIT’s.

Who is eligible to apply?

Citizenship: candidates who are joining the ISRO need to be Indian citizens

Age limit: the candidate should be atleast 21 years at the time of joining. The age limit is relaxable for candidates belonging to the SC/ST category

Qualification: candidates need to be Graduates from a recognized board or university.

How to prepare for exam and interview

Candidates need to pass the screening test first. They should submit the application form online. Next they need to undergo tests in professional and psychological aptitude assessment which includes behavioral and logical skills. After that they will go through a Medical evaluation. The final stage is an interview where the candidate will be judged before he/she is selected. The candidates should remember that only 2 or 3 people out of scores of candidates will be chosen at the end. So, they need to be prepared for the toughest competition.



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107 Responses to “Astronaut - How to become an Astronaut?”

  1. 107
    sanjeet singh:

    Iam from Jammu and Kashmir.I want to be an astronaut is it possible?

  2. 106

    Now i am studying in hs 1st year,my question is after 2nd year i got highest marks then how i become astro nut directely

  3. 105

    I m dng my engg in latur, E&TC branch
    N I want to become an astronaut!
    So what are the steps should be followed?

  4. 104

    My name is sanjeet singh .Iam from india.state jammu and kashmir I wanna be astronaut. Now iam reading in10th it possible

  5. 103

    what should i do to joint nasa after completing 12th
    as i m international silver medalist in karate

  6. 102
    ketan kishor:

    hello i am a student of class 8th i want to become an astronaut
    can u give me some tips to prepare to become an astronaut

  7. 101
    F R E D Y J U M A N NE:

    M y name is fredy and i sixteen, may you please help to archieve my dream.

  8. 100
    Rudra kumar tiwari:

    Please guide me i want to become a astronaut payload specialist.

  9. 99

    I wanted to become an astronaur=t , this is my childhood dream i must wanted to become an astronaut ? now i am 14 , what can i do to become an astronaut in future , please tell me

  10. 98

    Can a person become an astronaut in ISRO?

  11. 97

    I am becoming Mechanical engineer. I want to become Indian astronaut.I want to go on moon.I want to famous India by becoming astronaut. please seriously help me that how to become an astronaut.

  12. 96
    Tuingayung LAW:

    What are the qualifications or requirements to become an astronaut at NASA?

  13. 95
    darshan bhokare:

    what are the requirements and qualifications to becomee an astronaut at NASA or ISRO?

  14. 94
    vaibhavi garg:

    what is the syllabus for isat exam

  15. 93
    Sujit banerjee:

    Respected sir, I have completed my 12th standard with computer application(physics,math,chemistry). My aim is want to be an astronaut like kalpana chawla. Which degree i have to take to be an astronaut ?

  16. 92
    akshay jain:

    I passed 12th , & my aim is to be a astronaut,
    but i belongs to a very backward area.
    I don’t know what to do, to become a astronaut.
    Please tell me the steps & courses to become a astronaut.

  17. 91
    preeti chopra:

    respected sir

    I am a girl of 13 (do not be mis led by tha name written above actually it is my mom my actual name is Riya)
    It is my desire to become an astronaut.
    Please give me some tips to become a succesfull astronaut when i grow up.

  18. 90

    I have chosen ECE. After this can I get a job as astronaut or scientist in isro? Can I get a brief explanation?

  19. 89

    I have chosen ECE. After completing this can I work in isro as an astronaut or as a much salary would I get for this work? Can I have a clear explanation?

  20. 88
    anjali magare:

    how to get admission for astronaut

  21. 87

    I have finished the aim,dream and my life is all to become an astronut.I want find many galaxy in the universe so i want to choose aerospace or astrophysics? please give me the answer.

  22. 86

    I have completed my 12th aim is to work in ISRO as scientist.i want to work in satellite based divisions like satellite designing which engineering course should i choose ECE OR EEE ? I want a clear explanation .

  23. 85
    krishna brahmbhatt:

    which degree we have to take to be an astronunt which has been taken by neil armstrong to go in space

  24. 84
    Kosuri Bhanumurthy:

    Bhanu Murthy: Sir,now iam doing first year Bsc physics so how i become an astronaut.Its my life

  25. 83

    i’m still in schooling pls tell me wat shd I choose in my college and wat is the future courses I shd doo to become an astronaut pls

  26. 82

    Sir,Am doing my ECE what to do further to become an astronaut like Sunita Williams?Any special exams in have to pass to get into this?

  27. 81

    what if we do not clear the interview?

  28. 80

    am doing my IT what to do further to become an astronaut ?any special exams in have to pass to get into this?

  29. 79

    how to become astronaut india by taking aerospace engineering in

  30. 78
    selva durai:

    i want to be an astronaut, what are the eligibility for astronaut.
    give me the eligibility criteria.?

  31. 77

    can i join isro after completing mbbs but having 95% marks in 12 science(pcmb)?

  32. 76
    Sourab Chouhan:

    Can i eliable for astronaut after passing B.E. degree from mechenical?

  33. 75
    ankur tembhurne:

    how to be an astronaut after completing MCA(MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATION).

  34. 74
    kavita kumari:

    how to be an astronout after bsc physics

  35. 73

    can i apply for an astronaut after doing B.E. in electronics engineering???????????

  36. 72
    K.v.Ravi shankar:

    sir, i am finished my 12th standard,my native place is trichy,tamilnadu.i am applied for anna university engineering counsiling,but they did give the aerospace engineering,what group should i to take an astronaut,which best colleges have that group in tamil nadu,please replay me immedeatly sir…

  37. 71

    I am presently pursuing btech final year in aeronauctical engineering and at this time i am completly in a confusion of my future as i dnt have much time i need to plan for my future so i request your suggestion as my life time goal is to become an astronaut.So plz tel me the list of exams after btech to become astronaut and also the path to reach my goal.

  38. 70
    surender gupta:

    muja astronauts bana ha kya sa padna ha muga ky kar na tke ma astronauts ban saku

  39. 69

    dear sir,
    i m a student of 11 sci.i want to became an astronaut in india sir please help to plan my path after 12th so as to achive my goal

  40. 68

    i am a student of 11sci. and i want to become an astronaut in India sir pl help me to plan my path after 12th so as to achieve my goal

  41. 67
    radhika poddar:

    i want to know that what subjects i should take after my tenth class .
    and what abilities should one may have to be an astronaut.

  42. 66

    sir,m nitin chaurasia .im from india and i have a dream to be an astronaut.well,im in tenth and so,u plz tell me what sub i study in eleventh to achieve my aim and then after 11th and12th what can i do?

    plz….sir tell waiting for ur right answers


  43. 65
    monica andrew:

    hi!!!! i wrote my 10th CBSE march 2012 exams. My dream is to become an astronaut. I am good in physics. will that help me??? please tell me what should i do next so that i can achieve my goal….

  44. 64
    arabinda roy:

    Sir, m studying B.Sc. with mathematics honours. how to become astronaut in ISRO/NASA after graduation and what percentage i should get?plz inform me step by step clearly.

  45. 63

    presently I’m taking my schooling @ NIOS in class 10th and my exam will held in april 2012.I want to become an astronaut,please guide me.what should I done to achieve my goal

  46. 62
    vikrant manore:

    i am E&TC engineer , Since last 20 years i am in the field of computer and electronics teaching. may i get the job in isro.

  47. 61
    Rishabh Gill:

    I am appearing for CBSE Class X in March 2012. I have already visited NASA in 2011. I have a great desire since my primary class only to become an astronaut else work in NASA. I am much interested in this field and am good at Physics. Kindly guide me how can I achieve this mission.

  48. 60
    kalpana gaikwad.:

    hii..just nw i study in 12th . i have an ambition to became an astonaut in NASA so i need to knw what should i do after my 12th exam. which entrance exams are prefer for this. plz help me….tell me the full procedure step by step after 12, to reach and became an astronaut…plz reply me..

  49. 59
    Rahul R:

    i am doing Bech in Aerospace engineering, Bangalore. i have an ambition to become an astronaut in NASA or ISRO. so i need to know what should i do after btech. Could anyone help me out please…….

  50. 58

    is it hard to be an astronaut

  51. 57

    How to reach my goal As a Indian Astronaut???
    Right now am doing my mechanical engineering much should i score in my degree as well as what should i do further in my life to reach there..

    It would be really great if you tell the full procedures step by step so that i reach it at any cost

    i heard India would be living a shuttle in 2014!would i be able to do it so that i can put my name first???

    Please do help me out:-(as its my desire and goal from my very lower classes!


  52. 56
    rashmi sharma:

    I want to become an astronaut… m doing in Electronics And Communication branch 2nd year. please tell me what shoud i do?

  53. 55
    trideep saikia:

    I have 95% in I want to become an aeronotical engeneear. What can i do? Plz reply me sir.

  54. 54

    to be an astronaut is my dream of life,after 12th i apply for enters exam of isro but i can not pass that.because of some physical problem i get only 56% in HSc so i can not allow for aeronotical engrng from home.i now in first(second semester)year of BSc.but then also i want to be an astronaut.what should i do?after BSc which exam i should pass?

  55. 53
    Arpan Sharma:

    Sir i m student from North Bengal University,studying Bsc (Maths Honours), Please suggest me what can i do in order to become a Astronaut, or what should i do in order to join it.

  56. 52

    Sir i want to know about job oppourtunities for an astronaut?

  57. 51

    i want to become an astronaut am doing my 3rd yr of c.s.e dept
    tell me what to do?

  58. 50
    Auroshree mohanta:

    can girls become astronauts to ?
    from what age should i start
    studing about an astronaut?
    my of being an astronaut is to
    find ALIENS.

  59. 49

    i am studing diploma in eee,after diploma what whant to do to becoma a astronaut

  60. 48

    big bang is more powerfull than black hole

  61. 47
    Manish jain:

    i want to join isro so when the have entrence exam if u can help my aim i want make a space shuttle which speed is 60,000km/hr

    [email protected]

  62. 46

    excuse me sir,
    my aim or my birth procedure is to become an astronaut even yo work on high position in ISRO. can u pls give advice 4 me sir?

  63. 45

    qualification of astronut of step by step

  64. 44

    i am electronics engg.then tell me next what i am doing for astronut qualification

  65. 43
    utkarsh shukla:

    i want to know that which planes astronaut are given to fly and which college should i join after 12 to mecome astronaut and can i become astronaut if choose commerce in 11?what expenses are required to become astronaut of isro?is there any scope in astronaut as a carrer?what salary astronauts are given by isro?

  66. 42
    megha sharma:

    what should i do become an astronaut after 12 with good marks.plz help me….and give me guidance……..

  67. 41
    jinesh surana:

    in order to be an astronaut which entrance exams i need to give after std 12th.on which subjects should i concentrate more.

  68. 40
    anirban sanyal:

    by reading in class nine what type of preparation i must take to become an astronaut?and could an astronaut marry?if an astronaut have specs he will have problem in fullfilling his aim?

  69. 39

    sir/mam i want to become a astronout. Now im doing bsc computer science . What degree require nasa for astronouts?
    Plz rply me

  70. 38

    if i want to take education in isro and then make my career in that also. is it possible for me? i completed my graduation im march 2010 in bachlor of business admin.

  71. 37
    Dikshita Dilip Kadam:

    Sir/Madam, I have done my 12th from science faculty with (PCM subjects) and also done my Bsc. Information Technology from university of mumbai in 2011 and i want to become an astronaut is there any requirement that you should be from Astronomy faculty and is it necessory to do complete Msc and Phd in same. please guide me for my future and if i am applicable to become an astronaut then please tell me which training or education is necessory for to become astronaut And which are the institutes that were providing training to become a successful astronaut in future. Waiting for reply…

  72. 36

    I am doing B.E mechanical engineering final year and having 70% of marks. My passion is to join in ISRO as a scientist. pls send me the procedure of recruitment in ISRO…………

  73. 35

    Sir, my aim is to become scientist and what should be done after 12 th.

  74. 34

    Now , i am doing first year bsc in physics . My age is 20 running . I want to become scientist in astrophysics. What should i do ? please.

  75. 33
    yamuna j:


  76. 32
    mohammed nisar ahamed:

    i like to work in isro by opt mech engg .though iam weak in integration

  77. 31
    rupali goyal:

    i want to bcm plz guidence me .i want to go nasa.i have cleared 12th mp board exam in 2011..plz reply.

  78. 30

    Which courses should be studied after 12th standard? Can I become astronaut after studying aeronautical engineering? Or Can I go for pilot after 12 and then aeronautical engineering? please reply soon

  79. 29
    Ayushi Thakur:

    What degrees are needed to become an astronaut in NASA?

  80. 28
    shina mehta:

    i m doing btech electronics and communication.which course i need to join for becoming an astronaut?

  81. 27
    kritika sayal:

    i want to be astronaut how to become?

  82. 26
    Harshith Sandhu:

    I studied Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in +1. I wanted to become an Astronaut. Tnen what is the way to go through it ?

  83. 25
    vinita tiwari:

    I’m a student class of 11std and my extreme desire is to be an astronaut.
    For this how I need to prepare myself ??

  84. 24

    hello i have lots of interest in space science what coarse should i choose for making my interest my profession , i m in 12std

  85. 23
    vinay sharma:

    how i join nasa. fastly?please answers me.

  86. 22
    aman jain:

    im in 12th what should i do to became astronaut

  87. 21

    Hi,i finishd 12std this year, and i hav lot of interest in space science.what is the better coarse i should apt pertaining to my interesting subject space science? i need ur valuable reply…

  88. 20

    i am studying in 10th standard and i want to become an astronautin nasa .what i have to do for this? which cources i should do? please tell me.

  89. 19

    I’m doing my 3rd yr eee. I would like to work in ISRO.pls say me wat r the steps should taken by me?

  90. 18
    Ishita Tyagi:

    I’ll complete my in electronica andcommunication in become an astronaut and phd are necessary? can we join isro as junior scientist after and can we do our and phd from there itself?

  91. 17
    Qaiser abbas:

    i am now doing b.tec how can i become astronaut my branch is mechanical.please help me

  92. 16
    pavan kumar:

    i am now in 10 standard and really want to take astronomy as my profession .can any one please help what courses should i take to be a an astronaut???

  93. 15
    rajeev kumar:

    i am now in 11th class and passing 11 in this march. i have physics, maths, chemistry as my basic subjects. how can i become a meterologist or as a engineer in isro and which courses i have to do to get in isro. please send me information because it is very important for my career.

  94. 14
    Marcopalan K:

    Hi, good evening.I am Marcopalan K from chennai. I want to delicate my whole life as an astronaut in isro and i can handle the upcoming problems in the world.So can you reply me.If you wont then its your bad luck

  95. 13

    How can i join in the ISRO or NASA as an ROCKET ENGINEER after B.Tech?prsent im studying B.Tech,CSE branch…….

  96. 12
    Vijay kumar poonia:

    Hi…i study in technology) from rajasthan technical university.How can l apply for astronaut.

  97. 11

    hai.i am arif.during it.can i join the isro.then can i become a astraunet.tell me please.i am 3rd year.

  98. 10
    pravesh malviya:

    I am doing B.E. in final year with electronic & telecommunication field. I wanted to become an astronomer , can you suggest me or guide to become astronomer. Plz tell me how I join ISRO as an engineer & as an astronomer . Is ISRO recruit electronics engineer & is they have a way to become an astronomer.

  99. 9
    Shubham Kumar:

    I am studying in class IX but i want to become an astronaut. I like about space very much from Class-III. So, i had watched all special episode about space on discovery and other channels. I know very much about life cycle of stars like nebula,supernova,white dwarf,etc. I want to join ISRO for going in space.Will be there any chance for me?

  100. 8
    sunil sindhu:

    sir iwant to joinisro after tell me about prepration needs and can in become astronauts in going isro . i am doing mech.

  101. 7

    Iam doing in ECE and i want to join isro .Can i go on to become an astronaut with these subjects? I love to become an astronaut.
    Hoping for an immediate reply.

  102. 6

    i want to join isro after 10+2.
    for it what i have to do.

  103. 5

    am studying btech 2nd year.TO work in ISRO as preparing boosters,propulsions etc what is the qualification required?

  104. 4

    i’m a software engineer.can i get the admission in ISRO for my M.Tech…if yes ,how?

  105. 3
    manpreet singh:

    I have passed my 12th in science stream with chemistry,biology and physics.there is any option after 12th to become a Astronaut.please reply.

  106. 2

    i want the model questions for the isro entrance exam

  107. 1
    Sweta Bose:

    I am studying Physics, Chemistry and Biology. My optional subject is Fine Arts. Can i go on to become an astronaut with these subjects without Mathematics ? I love to become an astronaut.

    Hoping for an immediate reply.