Difference between Astronaut and Cosmonaut


Both Astronauts and Cosmonaut are the professionals who work in the same field. Even though they work in the same field, their work nature is dissimilar. Astronauts are those people who are trained in piloting a spacecraft or servicing the same. Cosmonauts are the individuals who carry out their work outside the earth’s environment.

Astronaut Course and Career opportunities

Astronauts are the professionals who are trained to be a part of the space flight. They are properly trained in piloting the spacecrafts. In short, the astronauts should be very skillful in commanding the spaceflights and also should serve like a crew member. They will have enough knowledge about the life in space and the human relationship with space. It is a very rigorous process to become a successful astronaut. The first requirement is to pursue a proper course and they should have relevant work experience. However they should have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering, mathematics or physical sciences to enter in this field.

The professionals from all sorts of backgrounds such as scientists, teachers, private citizens, military persons, etc. can become an Astronaut after acquiring the formal training. They should also fulfill the physical requirements. Candidates should have the particular height, eyesight, medical fitness, etc. as prescribed by the concerned organizations. Those satisfying these requirements will be given rigorous training which is for duration of two years.

Cosmonaut Course and Career opportunities

Cosmonauts are also the part of spaceflights who perform their duty outside the earth’s atmosphere. They are said to be the Russian Astronauts. The cosmonauts play a vital role the space exploration. They were the pioneers who helped construct the manned spacecraft possible and also the first to have human stay for more than one day in space. They help to learn more about the human life in space.

To become a cosmonaut, the interested candidates need very crucial training about the space exploration and related issues. They should have a formal educational background along with experience to enter in this field. They should also satisfy the physical requirements. Usually the candidates with a doctorate degree in concerned area become the cosmonauts. They may require several years of training and practice to be a part of the spaceflight. However an organization will select the individuals to move to the space after evaluating them through rigorous tests and crucial training process.

Key differentiators between Astronaut and Cosmonaut

  • Astronauts are the part of the spaceflight who performs the piloting of spacecrafts and serve as a crew member whereas Cosmonauts are those people who perform outside the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Individuals from all sorts of background such as teachers, scientists, military persons, etc. can become Astronauts after acquiring the concerned rigorous training whereas those interested to become Cosmonauts should complete their education in the related field and training process.

Although Astronaut and Cosmonaut are the people who play the significant role in a spacecraft, their job nature and profile are different in certain aspects.



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