Difference between Astronomer and Astronaut


Astronomer and Astronaut are related job profiles in matters associated with space and universe. Astronomers are space scientists, who carry out research on content, motion, and matter of celestial bodies, planets, etc. The studies are carried out by applying principles of physics and mathematics. Those who are trained to command, pilot and travel in space are simply referred to as Astronaut. They are professional space travelers who are responsible to carry out certain space missions. Both the jobs require high educational qualifications and expertise in the work area. By gaining experience in the profile, both the professionals can move in to high-grade positions with increased responsibility.

Astronomer and Opportunities

Since the job of Astronomer includes a lot of research, most of the firms prefer doctorate degree holders for the position of the same. The candidate has to pursue graduation and post graduation in astronomy in order to obtain higher studies in the area. They should possess sound knowledge in areas of Physics, astronomy, and mathematics. Upon completion of the course, the candidates can find opportunities in academics, observatories, planetariums, museums and with most reputed organizations like National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), VSSC, etc.

Astronaut and Opportunities

Those who have completed bachelor’s degree in any of the areas of biological science, engineering, mathematics or physical science are eligible to apply for the post of astronaut. Those who possess doctorate degree in any of the areas of Astrophysics

Geophysics or Metaphysics are also eligible to apply for the position. Most of the reputed organizations such as ISRO, NASA, etc carry out entrance exams for the selection of candidates for the position of Astronaut.

Key differences between Astronomer and Astronaut

  • Astronomers are responsible for carrying out scientific research on celestial bodies and universe where as Astronaut are professional space travelers who usually carry out a unique mission to the space.
  • The job responsibility associated with Astronaut is much more challenging when compared to that of the Astronomer.
  • Those who are interested in research can choose the role of Astronomer where as those who are passionate to have an adventurous profession can select the profile of astronaut.

Anyway, both the profiles offer good career growth and lucrative salary packages to skilled and hardworking candidates. The job also offers fame and prestige for those who can make a mark in this area.



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