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Astronomy is amongst the oldest kinds of sciences that human race is acquaint to. Right from the early era people knew how to find direction by looking at the position of stars and moon. Technically speaking astronomy is a science that deals with studying and understanding celestial bodies and things that pertain to space that is the things that are beyond the earth’s atmosphere. The study of space or astronomy comprises of studying the behavior of celestial bodies such as sun, planets, stars, comets, meteors, galaxies, satellites.

Astronomy is not a limited domain but it is further divided into diverse fields such as Astrophysics, Astrometeorology, Astrobiology, Astrogeology, Astrometry, Cosmology etc. this space science has the potential of unveiling some very important questions such as how did human race came into existence, what factors lead to the creation of atmosphere, what causes earth to support life and the hottest question among all is that are we alone or is there life on other planets also. The questions and possibilities are endless.
If any of the students is deciding to go for astronomy then make sure have very good physics and mathematical skills. This does not mean that other skills are not required but they can be picked up with experience also.


Before becoming an astronaut, years of studies is required. The minimum eligibility criterion for becoming an astronaut is a doctorate degree since most the work is related to R&D. There are not many universities in the country that offer under graduate program in astronomy so you can opt for honors in physics and mathematics and then apply for post graduation in astronomy or physics. Thereafter you can pursue Ph.D
Job Prospects and Career Options

Ph.D degree is must for a promising career in the field of astronomy but even if you have M.Sc or B.Tech you can still become a professor or technician or research assistant but then scope remains limited. As an astronomer you are most likely to be employed by the government sector industries and defence and space research organizations. An astronomer should love to travel as there will be many prospects of traveling to different parts of the world for research projects and seminars etc.


As a beginner one can fetch around Rs. 10,000 from the government sector but with experience you are bound to get way more than this. Moreover the salary you get also depends on the kind of work you are involved in. for instance a scientist would get more than a technician or research assistant. Majority of the job opportunities are with government sector, one can also get other perks and allowances



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  1. 46
    farheen Naz:

    I am a mechanical engineer. I want to make my career in astronomy. Would u plz tell me what all exams I have to clear for that..or what are the courses I can do along with my engineering as im in 7th sem. Right now…
    Plz let me know how can i make my career in this field,and any other entrance exam for my post graduation there????
    Thank you

  2. 45

    I am a Physics graduate student with 79% marks.. I want to know about MS programs..Am i eligible to apply..i also want to know the duration of this program..kindly please give me reply

  3. 44

    sir,can I study astronomy without cracking IIT ? If I study say how?

  4. 43
    sandeep kumar:

    i m 12th pcm student what i m do for education in astronamy field

  5. 42
    pushpendra patel:

    sir I m a student of Delhi university . & I m studying B tech computer science. what can I do to become an astronomer ?

  6. 41

    this is priya of 10th i want to study astronomy. after 10th what to take to a nice career in astronomy

  7. 40

    i am a inter pcm how many no. get to do in astronomy ???

  8. 39

    I am a bsc maths student.can i pursue astronomy?

  9. 38

    sir/madam,i m in b.e final year ECE,i want to do my higher studies in astronomy.what is the way to proceed?wl it be possible through gate?pls help me

  10. 37

    Sir, now iam doing In EEE. So kindly say about the course which i shoul take after this course to do research in the field of cosmology. Also say about the the availability of seats and scope of cosmology in india.

  11. 36

    Hi, I have done B.E. in Computer Science and I want to pursue a P.G. degree in Astronomy please lemme know what all things I have to do for it. and Where do i need to apple for it.

  12. 35

    I am studying have much interest in Aerospace.Can i enter that field after my so,how?

  13. 34

    If I do diploma in astronomy what can I do next? What are my options. Plz let me know. Thanx

  14. 33
    vineet kumar:


  15. 32

    which degree i should prefer after class 10 to make my career in
    space science

  16. 31

    am athira,i have passed my 10th examination interested in the field of astronomy.
    i request u to send me the details of colledges for astronomy field as i would like to make my carieer in astronomy field.
    which group in +1 will be helpful for me have a carrier in astronomy field? also if you provide information about job opportunities details will be better for me to make my carrier.


  17. 30

    respected sir,
    i want to be a astronaut. i have passed 12th from physics, chemistry, math.what should i do?
    please help me
    thanks for help

  18. 29

    Sir, i m persuing b. Tech degree in comp. sci. I want to study in astrophysics. Is there any scope?

  19. 28

    Respected sir,
    please tell me
    i m currently stud in 12 class from non medical ,i want to pursue a career in astronomy .so what should i do?

  20. 27

    i did my IT, i wish to pursue PG in astronomy/Cosmology. whether it is possible or not? If possible, please tell me the universities or entrance exams thro’ which i can get seats in reputed institutions. please reply soon

  21. 26

    im doing my 10th,and i wish to become an astronaut.which courses should i choose further in order to be an astronaut?

  22. 25

    Respected Sir,
    I am B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication. Now I want to persue M.Tech in Astronomy or Astrophysics through distance learning and after that continue to persue Ph.D.. Please tell me the universities that offer this.

  23. 24
    Vishal Kothawade:

    I am persuing bachelor degree in E & TC engineering.
    I want to do my job in astronomy.
    Suggest me the way

  24. 23

    Dear sir,
    I am doing engineering in electronics. Which entrance exams should i give for Ph.D. in astronomy?

  25. 22

    i m currently in std 10.i want to pursue a career in astronomy.what should i do?

  26. 21
    Animesh Das:

    I am in now class10. After madhyamik exam i want to diploma in an engeneering line! Which engeneering is best for future in aim is Astronomy! What i should do??? Pls pls pls sir…

  27. 20
    bintu kumar nath:

    I am a 3rd year B. Tech student. I wato go for astronomy after my degree. How should I proceed?

  28. 19

    Iam completed DME, BE MECHANICAL
    can you give institute for studying astro science pls

  29. 18

    i am a student of btech(cs)..what scope do i have to enter in the astronomy field? plz reply..

  30. 17

    dear sir i am a student of btech(cs). What scopes do i have for entering in the astronomy field?plz reply..

  31. 16
    Divyansh Upreti:

    Kindly give the details about courses I can pursue or about the entrance exams i can take after class XII for a career in Astronomy.

    I would be pleased to know about ISAT, entrance test for IIST which prepares students for ISRO and NASA.

  32. 15

    hi, iam doing my btech in ece..i want to pursue my mtech in astronomy..are there any iits that offer this course..?

  33. 14

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am Shraddha studying in 6 th class. I am intereseted in field of Astronomy.

    I request you to send me detials of colleges for Astronomy field As I would like to make my carrier in Astronomy field.

    Also If you provide information about job opportunities details will be better for me to make my carrier.


  34. 13

    can i know what are the future prospects for a computer science student pursuing his B. TECH degree in the field of space and astronomy ? Also what exams or courses should i take after B. TECH. ..?

  35. 12

    which course should i adopt after+2 in oder to become an astronaut

  36. 11
    shashi phutela:

    Hi, i want to become an astronomer .now i am a student of year . is there any scope in feild related tto this branch

  37. 10
    alpa deshmukh:

    i have completed my 12th..i want to do a carrier in astrobiology..whether i should choose to go through Bsc,Msc and PHD or can i make my carrier after doing MBBS..

  38. 9
    Mukesh kumar roy:

    Can, i become the scientist of ISRO, now i am doing engineering in electronics in bangalore.

  39. 8

    i am a B.Sc Geology student with chemistry and mathematics
    as subsidiary.Can i pursue higher education in astrogeology?

  40. 7

    i have completed my in computer science nd nw i am working in a company in technopark.i plan to attend JEST and GATE exams next i eligible for doing in astronomy nd astrophysics???or eligible onli to join for m.teh in computer science???please reply me.

  41. 6

    i want to study astronomy n do some work in this field besides doing engineering.Plz guide!

  42. 5

    i want to do carrer in astronomy.
    if i do enginnering then i can have a ph.d or not?
    guide me , can i do both engemeering and ph.d
    i live in india
    thank you for help.

  43. 4

    i am doing BE in electronics can i go for Ph.D

  44. 3

    Priya: hi, now i am studing 12th std.i want to become Aeronautical engg…….. so what i do?plz give me the details plz….

  45. 2

    i wnt to do MS Astronomy…. nw i am doing BE Aeronautical engg…. plz give me the details

  46. 1

    Is there any seats in the iit’s for astronomy. N is it possible to enter in the field of astronomy after diploma courses in engineering.